Mary, Queen of Angels 2011-Print Edition

Take a peek inside our current issue, featuring memoirist Heather King and many more.


“Coming Awake in Love”: A Discussion on the Struggle for Holiness and the Writing of Shirt of Flame: My Year with St. Therese of Lisieux – Heather King

Ghost PainE. R. Womelsduff
Red Bird – Kaye Park Hinckley
Anymore – Steven Stafford
The Good ThiefJoshua Hren
A Train in Germany – Dena Hunt

Dark Places – J. M. Wilson
Francisco – David Athey
Good King – David Athey
St. Levan’s Well: A Triolet – Jacob Riyeff
Sonnet of Youth DepartingAnne Babson
The VigilAnne Babson
I Was Born Human – Charity Gingerich
This Is My Song – Charity Gingerich
Proof of the Immortality of the Soul, with Reference to Beeswax SoapJoshua Hren
Starting Seeds – John Milbury-Steen
Blue and Green Passion – Hannah Woldum

Art & Photography
View from the SchoolDeborah Conlon
Lone Pine – Marrieta ValleyDeborah Conlon
Pretty BoyDeborah Conlon
UntitledDeborah Conlon
RelinquishedNaomi Arielle
Last Days of WinterDeborah Conlon
UntitledDeborah Conlon
Tea and OrangesDeborah Conlon