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Standing in the tradition that gave rise to Dante Alighieri and Flannery O’Connor, G.K. Chesterton and J.R.R. Tolkien, Dappled Things is a literary journal like no other. Its pages are dedicated to showcasing new work by emerging writers and artists working within the Catholic tradition.

Building on the outstanding success of its first six online editions, Dappled Things made its long-awaited debut as a printed publication during the summer of 2007.

Since the release of its first issue in December of 2005, Dappled Things has created buzz throughout the Catholic media, including numerous national and international magazines, newspapers, radio shows, web sites, podcasts, and blogs. The journal attracts praise for the quality of the stories, essays, poems and works of art that it publishes, as well as for its exquisite design. Always thought-provoking, yet accessible and entertaining, Dappled Things is steadily rising to prominence among today’s best religious journals.

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