Ference Correction

Contrary to what was posted here last week, Archbishop Dolan’s interview of Fr. Damian Ference about his essay “Why Vocation Programs Don’t Work” will air on Thursday, August 18th, at 12 noon Eastern Time on SiriusXM channel 129, rather than on August 11th as had been previously stated.

Percy’s Birthday

In honor of Walker Percy’s birthday (along with the 50th anniversary of the publication of The Moviegoer), our friends at the Korrektiv blog (who some might not uncharitably describe as Percy nuts) have invited various authors, including some DT favorites, to share their musings on the man and his work. Stop by their site during the next few days to read the pieces. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to give The Moviegoer another read!

Poetry to Order

Here’s a poem

Written by

A Dappled Things

Contributor guy

It’s very short

But you will see

It packs a punch

Most definitely

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