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The Dying Would Walk in Circles Rachelle Rea


Mouth to Mouth Sally Bellerose
Honorable Mention, J.F. Powers Prize for Short Fiction

Burning the Guns Maura Stanton
Honorable Mention, J.F. Powers Prize for Short Fiction

Here Comes Mrs. Jordan Rob Jacklosky


Confession Darlena Cunha


The Figure of Saint Cyricus Alejandro Escudé
The Mountains Mark Amorose
The Metaphysics of Stars Anna Schmidt
Mary of Egypt Considers the Future Sandra Kolankiewicz
Song of Locust Jillian Ross
Songs to Women Ivy Grimes
People of Apocalypse Ivy Grimes
The Leviathan Ivy Grimes
Dzaidzi Shaving donnarkevic
Mending the Monsignor’s Requiem Chasuble donnarkevic
from Mary is a River Rachel Jamison Webster
This is Only Aaron Brown


St. Peter’s B-list: Contemporary Poems Inspired by the Saints Natalie Morrill
The Fine Delight: Postconciliar Catholic Literature Katy Carl

Visual Art

Wedding at Cana Daniel Mitsui
St. Raphael Daniel Mitsui
Great Battle in Heaven Daniel Mitsui
The Second Dream of St. Joseph Daniel Mitsui
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Daniel Mitsui