Table of Contents


How To Think Like a Poet Ryan Wilson


The Ends of the Earth Anthony Lusvardi, S.J.
Winner, J.F. Powers Short Fiction Contest

Polish is for Prayers Gabrielle Pastorek
Runner-up, J.F. Powers Short Fiction Contest

The Conversion Liz Dolan


On Writing The Catholic Imagination in Modern
American Poetry James Matthew Wilson


From Inside the Sickroom: An Interview with Charles
Hughes Jeremiah Webster


Axis Mundi Jerry Windley-Daoust
XIV. Jesus Is Laid in the Tomb James Matthew Wilson
Hildegard’s Metaphors Explain My Miscarriage Christine Stewart-Nuñez
The Ballad of the Magi Gabriel Olearnik
The Fire Court Gabriel Olearnik
Hamlet, wake Gabriel Olearnik
The Kingdom Below Gabriel Olearnik
Samuel Butler Kenny Williams
Simon of Cyrene Kenny Williams
Disregard of Highway Sign Kenny Williams
Interstices Wally Swist
Mary Among Us Rod Kleber
Fulcrum Kevin Thornburgh
The Major Bruce Guernsey
The Wave Bruce Guernsey
Tank-Top Apocalypse Paul Felsch


The Violent and the Fallen Helen Pinkerton Trimpi

Visual Art

Marriage and Mortality Ann Schmalstieg

Imago: Image of
Agape: Solitude/Love/Solitude
The Widow