Mary Queen of Angels 2006


Arthur Powers, Three Tales from Brazil


Matthew Mehan,
Answer the Question

Stephanie Mader,
Open Great Wide Doors


Karen K. Adams,
African Angelus

Heather Thompson,
Alessandro’s Ascent

Daniel Gibbons,

Cristina Montes,
The Edge of the Sea

Shannon Berry,
Ephphetha, that is, Be Opened

Karen K. Adams,
Little Hours

Rosemarie Monge,
May Showers

Amos Hunt,
Night Crossing

Sarah DeCorla-Souza,
Ordinary Time

J.B. Toner,
The Play Continues

J.B. Toner,
To Whom Much is Given

Daniel Gibbons,
Villain, elle?


Fr. Damian Ference,
Catholic Education and Masturbation

Katy Carl,
A Private Matter

Shannon Berry,
Refiner’s Fire

Art and Prose

Matthew Alderman
St. Gregory the Great

Art and Photography

Jacquelyn Barten,
Beauty Reflecting

David Lynch,
Higher Hopes

Shelley Mauss,
Icon of the Sacred Heart

J.B. Mincher,
Lady in the Water

Alysse Boyd,
Mary Full of Grace

Shannon Littleton,
Old Memories

Alysse Boyd,
The Streets of New York

Teresa Burkett,


SS. Peter and Paul 2006


Matthew Lickona


Bernardo Aparicio Garcia, Beneath the Ashes

Mark de Cristo, House of Cypress

Neil Silva, Parousia

Stephanie Manuzak, Tacky


Megan McQuaig, Crux

J.B. Toner, Four Sonnets

Mikaela D’Eigh, Meditation

John Rieping, Nothing Song

Cristina A. Montes, Sampagita

John Rieping, Transflagration

Tommy Dome, Two Haiku

Brandon Zimmerman, Waiting


Tonita M. Helton, Forgiveness Through the Eyes of the Soul

Kent Lasnoski, Measure for Measure: Shakespeare’s Parable

Bo Helmich, A Visit to the Tate
Art and Photography
Matthew Alderman, Our Lady, Queen of the English Martyrs – Architectural Designs

Patrick Anderson, Photographs

Bernardo Aparicio Garcia, A Dandelion

Alaide Mata, Paintings

Lent/Easter 2006

Joseph Pearce,
Home Thoughts from Abroad

Joy Wambeke,
A Call to Prayer
Jessica Hoelzer,
Cloistered Conversations
Noel Bava, SJ,
Emilia’s Playhouse
Clay Reherman,
The Red Door Society

Joseph Prever,
The Agony
J.B. Toner,
An Answer
Matthew Alderman,
Chapel of Relics
J.B. Toner,
Matthew Alderman,
The Dove Looked In
Matthew Crane,
The Egg
Ben LaVergne,
Fragments, for Mary
Terence Siren,
I Am
Mela Kirkpatrick,
Kingdom for a Horse
Robert J. O’Brien III,
Mingled with Silver
J.F. Lovell,
Phrases I’m Going Through
Michael Baruzzini,
A Reading from the Gospel according to Higher Education
Brandon Zimmerman,
A Song for Simeon
Mikaela D’Eigh,
Song of Weihnai
Mela Kirkpatrick,
Wine Making to Marion Williams Singing
King Alfred,
Who Lights and Guards Macbeth

John Di Camillo,
Aborting Metaphysics
Tonita M. Helton,
In the Darkest Hours, Joy
Frank-Paul Sampino,
The Moral and Legal Obligations of Catholic Judges

Art and Photography
Daniel Mitsui,
St. Agnes of Prague
Taryn Kutish,
Anita Wong,
Thoughts of an Artist
Daniel Mitsui,
Chi-Rho monogram
King Alfred,
Christmas Mist
Elizabeth Buckley,
In the Stillness
Daniel Mitsui,
St. Jerome
Robert Brajkovich, Jr.,
St. John Vianney
Jason Kotecki,
Kim & Jason
Sara Perla,
The March for Life
Robert Brajkovich, Jr.,
Powell, WY
Shelley Mauss,
Upstairs at Sacred Heart


Advent 2005

Editor’s Welcome


Dale Ahlquist,
G.K. Chesterton and the Use of the Imagination


Amy Lemoine,
Anna’s Song

Christopher Paolelli,

Michael Baruzzini,

Bernardo Aparicio Garcia,
Once Upon the Ruins

Eve Tushnet,
Why Can’t He Be You?


J.B. Toner,
Clare and Francis

Christopher Paolelli,
The Edifice

John A. Di Camillo,

J.B. Toner,

Katy Willis,
The Great Mystery

Katy Willis,
Leaving Song

Matthew Alderman,
A Psalm for the Sibyl

A.R. Bossert,
The Telephone

Matthew Alderman,
The Transfiguration of Apulia


Damian J. Ference,
A Case for the Devil

Come Die for Christ: A Seminarian’s Letter

John Rogers,
Many Faces, One God: Many Languages, One Prayer

Lauren Brannon,
Out, Out, Brief Candle

Robert T. Miller,
Two Bases of Morality in Catholic Theology

Art and Photography

Matthew Alderman,
American Gothic

Daniel Albers,
A Connemara Landscape

Matthew Alderman,
Spouse of the Holy Ghost

Matthew Alderman,
Turris Eburnea