SS. Peter and Paul 2010


Born Again Virgin  Andrew McNabb


Flesh  Steven Stafford

Suit  Gabriel Olearnik

Professore Takes His Cure  Caroline Paddock

February 29th  Bernadette Morgan


Saving Languages  Taylor Graham

In An Upland Field Taylor Graham

Salisbury Plain  Taylor Graham

First Edition  Gabriel Olearnik

Threadworks  Gabriel Olearnik

A Note to Rebecca  Diana Hallare

The Odor of Sanctity  Chene Heady

A Story in Ashes  Joshua Hren

SoCal: A Sorting of the Ways  Ricardo J. Quinones

Into a Pied Night Sky  J. Cooper

Stained Glass  Sarah DeCorla-Souza

Operation Pedro Pan  Monica Magnan

David and Bathsheba  Monica Magnan

Peter After Tabor  Mark Amorose

Whenever She Dresses All Blues I Become Two  L. M. Sloca

Flight of Fancy  L. M. Sloca

Yesterday, Today & Just Maybe  L. M. Sloca


From the Profound to the Popular: Two Essays on Evil in English Literature  Eleanor Bourg Donlon

  1. Cinemanemia or Revenge of the Bloodsucked
  2. Enter a Devil: The Satanic Sublime in the English Literary Canon
Art and Photography

Fields over Belgrade Montana  Whitney Wolf

Ed on Single Scull, Lake Lanier  Whitney Wolf

Change  Whitney Wolf

Cades Cove, Tennessee  Whitney Wolf

The Return  Whitney Wolf

Lent/Easter 2010


The Age of Faith and Reason  Michael F. Flynn


Good Company  Debra Brenegan

Lavábo  Dena Hunt

The Sisters of the Sacred Heart  Michael F. Flynn

Drawing Fishes  Geoffrey Smagacz


Cry  Drew Darr

Κοινη  Joseph O’Brien

The Agony in the Garden  Ketha Spicer

Memento Mori  K.B. Kincer

Seeds  K.B. Kincer

Stations  K.B. Kincer

Veil  Gerald Schwartz

La Grotte  Matthew Hamilton

Death of a Saint  Benjamin Lusk

Darkness Visible  Andrew Thornton-Norris

Presences  Andrew Thornton-Norris

Transcription  Rosamund Hodge

Art and Prose

Reflections on Beauty  Ron Johnson

Art and Photography

St. Brendan the Navigator Celebrating Mass on the Back of the Whale Iasconius  Daniel Mitsui

St. Columba of Iona  Daniel Mitsui

Crucifixion  Daniel Mitsui

Iris  Ron Johnson

Coral  Ron Johnson

Sanctuary  Ron Johnson

Poppy Seeds  Ron Johnson


“This Morally Inverted Universe:” An Interview with Max McLean  Janice Walker


The Screwtape Letters  Janice Walker

Say You’re One of Them  Katy Carl

The Abbess of Andalusia  Katy Carl

Advent 2009


A Fix for Catholic Music  Jeffrey Tucker


How does Catholicism Aid the Artist?  Eileen Cunis


Assisted Living  John J. Desjarlais

Bienville  Dena Hunt

Exú  Arthur Powers


A Soul in Four Seasons  R.S. Mitchell

The Job Poems  Sarah Gajkowski-Hill

Grace  Beth Gylys

What the Evil Dream  Beth Gylys

Moonlit Trance  Beth Gylys

Her Faith  Beth Gylys

Flight into Egypt  Jeffrey Dennis Pearce

A Birth  Amanda Glass

House of Gold  Robert Meade

Hidden Life  Paul Stilwell

Caduceus  Mark Amorose

Incredulity  Mark Amorose

Purple Wren  John Gosslee

Scattered Seeds  John Gosslee

Art and Photography

Bombus Bombus  Ryan Hannigan

Modernism’s Forgotten Hero  Ryan Hannigan

Red Room  Ryan Hannigan

Self Portrait  Ryan Hannigan

Hovis (Bread of Life)  Ryan Hannigan

Tree  Ryan Hannigan

Valentin’s Martyrdom  Ryan Hannigan


Bleeder  Eleanor Bourg Donlon

Mary, Queen of Angels 2009

On the People’s Business  John C. Wright

Who is the Artist? Part 2 of “On the Vocation of the Christian Artist”  Eileen Cunis

Some Remarks on Autism and Catholicism  Michael L. Ortiz


The Birthday Suit  Tony France

Viaticum  Fiorella de Maria

Dirty Little Coward  Gerald C. Matics


Outside a Clinic  Mark Amorose

The Theology of Waiting  Genevieve Cunningham

Reaching to the Choir  R.S. Mitchell

Betrayed by a Kiss  John Savoie

Pulling Free  John Savoie

Hamlet, Reviewed  Gabriel Olearnik

Horae mortis  Gabriel Olearnik

itinerant intimacies  Joshua Hren

4/8/77, St. Luke’s Church  Nick Ripatrazone

It’s a dark mimesis, death  David Craig

The right to shape  Tim Davis


“The Soul of Sci-Fi”: An Interview with John C. Wright  Janice Walker & Eleanor Bourg Donlon

Art and Photography

Untitled No. 1  Missy Scarlett

Untitled No. 2  Missy Scarlett

Blue Cheese & Beer  Tim Jones

Before They Wake  Cameron Smith

Kristen Reading  Cameron Smith

Detail, Getting Dressed  Cameron Smith

Boy in Fountain  Cameron Smith

Online Bonus

Ten Commandments for How to be
a Writer
 John C. Wright

SS. Peter and Paul 2009


Restoring the Fresco of Progress  Wilfrid M. McClay


What is Art? Part 1 of “On the Vocation of the Christian Artist”  Eileen Cunis


The Funeral  Dena Hunt

De virtute cannibalismi  Eleanor Bourg Donlon

The Ninth Floor  Tony France


Excelsior Unincorporated  Joseph O’Brien

Illinois Farmers  Michael Lee Johnson

Rod Stroked Survival with a Deadly Hammer  Michael Lee Johnson

Praise Song on a Summer Night  Mary Ann Honaker

Cambridge Commons  Mary Ann Honaker

The Sight  Mary Ann Honaker

Incarnation (corrected)  Kate Bluett

to remember october  Rachel Kondro

Beads  John Savoie

Habenera  Andrew Thornton-Norris

Gethsemane  Mark Amorose

Confessions  Nick Ripatrazone

Harry Ploughman  Nick Ripatrazone

Roman April  Meredith Wise


“Paradise with a Serpent”: An Interview with Carlos Eire  Bernardo Aparicio García and Katy Carl

Art and Prose

Wisconsin Baroque, Priests, and Paper Architecture  Matthew Alderman

Art and Photography

Cora  James Dean Erickson

Seven  James Dean Erickson

Fast Eddie  James Dean Erickson

Jimmy Wood  James Dean Erickson


Lent/Easter 2009

Publisher’s Note


Prudence and the Providence of Plot  Bruno M. Shah, OP


A Tribute to Fr. Richard John Neuhaus (1936-2009)  Mary Angelita Ruiz

Publishing for Papists: Marketing the Literary Vocation  Eleanor Bourg Donlon


A Circle of Cypresses  John Farrell

Black Market  August Roulaux

Aftermath  Fiorella de Maria


Grantchester Meadows  Fiorella de Maria

Widow’s Walk  Fiorella de Maria

the EPA drained  Susan St. Martin

The Infinite Jest  Peter Ascik

Reading Pascal at Mint Springs  R.S. Mitchell

Scattered Thundershowers this Afternoon  Robert MacArthur

Autumn Interrupts  Robert MacArthur

The Cheshire Cat  Robert MacArthur

Incarnation  Kate Bluett

To a Young Tenor Singing Schubert  Michael Miller

Genesseret  James Watson

Oracle Near Restful Waters  Jason Baguia

San Diego Poem: Palm Sunday  Joseph O’Brien

Sirocco  Fiorella de Maria

Consummatum Est  Rose Polchowne


“Obsessed with What’s Next”: An Interview with Andrew McNabb  Katy Carl


The Body of This  Katy Carl

Amor de Lohn  Katy Carl

Art and Photography

Photojournal: Granada, Nicaragua  Sarah Ortiz

Advent 2008

Publisher’s Note


Nearer My Dogs to Thee  John Zmirak


The Convert Katy Carl

The Meadow  David Dahlke

The Strawberry Effect  Lauren Schott


If Life Could Write: Mystery and Reality in War and Peace  Bernardo Aparicio Garcia


Agnes  Grace Andreacchi


Steam  Gabriel Olearnik

Tumult  Gabriel Olearnik

108 degrees  Gabriel Olearnik

St. Catherine’s Wheel  Michael Schorsch

Absent Friends  Fiorella de Maria

Patina  William Daugherty

Sacred Heart of St. Joseph  Jonathan McDonald

White Christmas  Joseph O’Brien

Four Calling Birds  Joseph O’Brien

An Afterglow Candidate  R.S. Mitchell

The Creek  R.S. Mitchell

Christus Natus Est  Rose Polchowne

The White Stone  J.B. Toner

Footnote to the 22nd Psalm  Jason Baguia

Embers  Michael Miller

Bereite Dich, Zion  Grace Anreacchi

To the Christ-child in the Flight to Egypt  Jason Baguia

Ascension  Adam Cooper

Living with Killers  Vic Cavalli

Concerning Violets  Michael Schorsch


Exiles  Meredith Wise

Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Life  Meredith Wise

Art and Photography

Agnes  Matthew Alderman

Until We Have Faces I  Patrick Anderson

Until We Have Faces II  Patrick Anderson

Tomb of the Black Knight  Patrick Anderson

Bere Island  Patrick Anderson

Mary, Queen of Angels 2008

Publisher’s Note


David Rozema,
Pre-Christian Infusion: Faith, Hope, and Charity in The Lord of the Rings


Arthur Powers,
Carla and Jaime

Eleanor Bourg Donlon,
The Game of Sean McTeague

Dena Hunt,
The Salvation of Glorianne

Enrique Garcia-Maiquez,


J.B. Toner,

David Landrum,
Roads Walked and Barred

Kate Bluett,

Amanda Griswold,

Gabriel Olearnik,

Joseph O’Brien,

Sarah Gajkowski-Hill,


Katy Carl,
“The Splendor and the Wackiness”: An Interview with Heather King


Katy Carl,

Eleanor Bourg Donlon,
Ignatius Critical Editions

Art and Photography

Milo Duke,

Matthew Alderman,

Patrick Anderson,

SS. Peter and Paul 2008

Publisher’s Note


Bernardo Aparicio Garcia

A Man of Culture: Reflections on the Papal Visit


Eleanor Bourg Donlon, The Letters of Magdalen Montague

Joseph Fino

Loneliness Is My Contraception

C.M. Schott,

What He Heard

Amy Kopecky,

The Short Life of a Bird


Joseph O’Brien,

Anders O.F. Hendrickson,

Nor Washed Away by the Flood

Michael Lee Johnson,

Twist My Words

Roger Mitchell,

Leah Acosta,

The Same

Eve Tushnet,

Story Without a Name

Amanda Glass,


Abigail Swift,

Still to See

Mike Schorsch,


Br. Ignatius Peacher, O. Cist.,

Chipping Sparrow


Grace Andreacchi,

Lawrence: A Mystery Play


Stefan McDaniel,

Loving Our Second Selves


Eleanor Bourg Donlon,

Divining Divinity: A Book of Poems by Joseph Pearce

Miguel Jiménez,

Faith at the Edge, edited by Angelo Matera

Art and Photography

Sarah Hempel Irani,

The Annunciation of Mary

Teresa Burkett,

Patrick Anderson,


Lent/Easter 2008

Publisher’s Note


Matthew J. Milliner,
When the Eagles Don’t Fit in Capistrano


Neil Brown,
The Sacred Way

Dena Hunt,
Pear Trees

Eleanor Bourg Donlon,
The Letters of Magdalen Montague, Part IV: The Disciple


Joseph O’Brien,

Paul Stilwell,

Gabriel Olearnik,

Amanda Glass,
The Crown of Red

Eric Kingsepp,
leaving and livening

Richard Rodriguez,

John A. Di Camillo,

Kate Bluett,

Leah Acosta,
A Grief Sublime

Sr. Mary Catherine Vukmanic, OSU,


John Murphy,
Seek MySpace

John Heard,
The New Jerusalem

Art and Photography

Matthew Alderman,

Jaclyn Elizabeth Mosing,
Thoughts on St. Joan of Arc

John Walford,

Patrick Anderson,