Mary, Queen of Angels 2012

Mary Queen of Angels 2012 CoverFeature

In The Wine Press Chapter III: Résistance Joshua Hren


Honey Sheila Sennett
Decoherence Michael Bradburn-Ruster


Welsh Starlight Meredith Wise
The Blessed Mutter of the Muse Bruce Guernsey
A Woman Down James Vescovi


The Marionette in Church: A Sonnet Crown Annabelle Moseley
The Marionette Considers the Jester Doll Annabelle Moseley
Pinocchio Annabelle Moseley
Missa San Joaquin Don Thompson
Day’s End Anthony Zick
8 P.M. in the Hospice Dayroom April Selley
To the Child Who Asks Sally Thomas
Stillbirth Sally Thomas
Lamplight Sally Thomas
Widowhood Sally Thomas
Intensive Care Sally Thomas
Lessons Beyond the Death Camps James M. Wilson

Visual Art

Blessed Beatrice of Nazareth Gwyneth Holston
Dante Kathryn Cárdenas
Citrus Flavors Kathryn Cárdenas
Onions and Kettle Kathryn Cárdenas
St. Jerome Kathryn Cárdenas
St. Isabel Gwyneth Holston
The Ecstasy of St. Theresa Kathryn Cárdenas

SS. Peter and Paul 2012


A Fire-Stained and Blackened Cathedral: An Interview with Joshua Hren Meredith Wise


Road to Visionary Charlene Logan Burnett
An Excerpt from ‘The Woman Who Was Poor’ Léon Bloy Translated by Joshua Hren
It Only Feels Like Waking Up Kate LaDew
Wade Karl O’Hanlon
The Ones Who Went To See Him Tanya Jacob


Thompson Was My Only Failure James McCoy
Paper Napkins Len Krisak
Clean-Up Len Krisak
The Child Victor Hugo, translated by Len Krisak
The Peacocks of Andalusia Christopher J. Scalia
Byzantine Icons Christopher J. Scalia
Roman Diptych Stephen Milne
Llanrhychwyn Stephen Milne
Dolgam Stephen Milne
An tSíocháin E. A. Ransom
Surveillance Jeremiah Webster
He Prayed One Might Know An Eclogue By Heart Jeremiah Webster
Chevalier Davina Allison
Holy Hill Terry Savoie
Sister Dorothy Stang Is Assassinated by Loggers Liz Dolan
Lenten Casserole Patrick Cook
Roxbury Thomas DeFreitas

Visual Art

July, Forthcoming David Anthony Harman
Steady, Now David Anthony Harman
Old Evening David Anthony Harman
Summer Save Me David Anthony Harman
Gin, Study David Anthony Harman
Still, Still David Anthony Harman
January, Okay David Anthony Harman
July, Alight David Anthony Harman
Elm Street David Anthony Harman
You Came, We Went David Anthony Harman


Pentecost 2012

Dappled Things literary magazineFeature

“Little Volcanoes”: An Interview with Amy Welborn – Dorian Speed


Seen from the Palace of Justice – Tony France
Terminal – Paul Stapleton


Team Run, October  – Maryann Corbett
A Primary Education  – Maryann Corbett
As Little Children  – Maryann Corbett
Canticle  – José Luis Gutiérrez
Liner Notes – Don Russ
Genesis – Abigail Carroll
Hallowed Be – Abigail Carroll
St. Paul – John Gosslee
Judas – John Gosslee
I Longed to Be as Lovely – Liz Dolan
How I Loved the Way Sister Hitched Up – Liz Dolan
Winter Perfect – Geoffrey Smagacz
The Lilies Grow So Fast – Geoffrey Smagacz
Someone To Bring Back – Joseph Thompson
Year of the Dragon – Tim Murphy
Tulips for ElsieJonathan Potter


No Vague Believer: The Specificity of the Person of Christ According to Flannery O’Connor and Benedict XVI – Damian J. Ference


Beauty Will Save the World: Recovering the Human in an Ideological Age
Joseph O’Brien
Framed in Silence-  Nick Ripatrazone

Visual Art

Woman At the WellDoug Weaver
NicodemusDoug Weaver
Judas IscariotDoug Weaver

Christmas 2011


Flannery O’Connor and “The Enduring Chill” Paul O’Reilly


Old Grace and New Beauty Julie McGurn
The Roofer Marking Time Todd Flynn
Fidelity’s End: A Fable Adam Walter
The Party John Jalsevac


Third Person Tim Murphy
The Sea of Faith Tim Murphy
Starting Over Tim Murphy
Faith Gabriel Olearnik
Saffron Gabriel Olearnik
Temptation Gabriel Olearnik
Rossetti’s changeling Gabriel Olearnik
Candlemas Gabriel Olearnik
Barnum James Matthew Wilson
Tabernacle Joanna Kurowska


The Salvelinus fontinalis and Daniel Webster Mattie Quesenberry Smith
Flannery O’Connor, Women, and the Home Barbara Wheeler
Naming Sin: Flannery O’Connor’s Mark on Bruce Springsteen Damian J. Ference

Art & Photography

Untitled Leonor Cerón de García
Untitled Leonor Cerón de García
Untitled Leonor Cerón de García
Volcán Galeras Leonor Cerón de García
Untitled Leonor Cerón de García
Untitled Leonor Cerón de García

Mary, Queen of Angels 2011

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“Coming Awake in Love”: A Discussion on the Struggle for Holiness and the Writing of Shirt of Flame: My Year with St. Therese of Lisieux – Heather King

Ghost Pain –  E. R. Womelsduff
Red Bird – Kaye Park Hinckley
Anymore – Steven Stafford
The Good Thief – Joshua Hren
A Train in Germany – Dena Hunt

Dark Places – J. M. Wilson
Francisco – David Athey
Good King – David Athey
St. Levan’s Well: A Triolet – Jacob Riyeff
Sonnet of Youth Departing – Anne Babson
The Vigil – Anne Babson
I Was Born Human – Charity Gingerich
This Is My Song – Charity Gingerich
Proof of the Immortality of the Soul, with Reference to Beeswax Soap – Joshua Hren
Starting Seeds – John Milbury-Steen
Blue and Green Passion – Hannah Woldum

Art & Photography
View from the School – Deborah Conlon
Lone Pine – Marrieta Valley – Deborah Conlon
Pretty Boy – Deborah Conlon
Untitled – Deborah Conlon
Relinquished – Naomi Arielle
Last Days of Winter – Deborah Conlon
Untitled – Deborah Conlon
Tea and Oranges – Deborah Conlon

SS. Peter and Paul 2011


On Truth and Trade: Economics and the Catholic Vision of the Good Life


Dust Rosemary Callenberg

Winner, North Dakota Anthony Lusvardi, SJ

Come Into My House and Stay Arthur Powers


My Favorite Deadly Sin Ron McFarland

Seventeenth-Century Poetry and Prose Ron McFarland

Spring, 1373 David Athey

Celestialness David Athey

My Recurring Dacha Dream Joseph O’ Brien

Mater Mea David Pederson

Pieces of Straw J.B. Toner

Simeony Mike Aquilina

The Poem of the Act of the Mind Mike Aquilina

Pilgrimage Mike Aquilina

Hardball Mike Aquilina

For Anne Thomas Forsthoefel

Moonscape in Juarez Thomas Forsthoefel

Job Description Thomas Forsthoefel

So many thoughts has she John Jalsevac

I’d Often Read about It in a Book Geoffrey Smagacz

Three-Cricket Evening Sarah Rehfeldt

An Elegy for Rose Christopher Nield


Not Love: A Drama Jennifer Pierce

Art and Photography

Portrait of Austin with Cello Carl Schmitt

Gertrude with Violin Carl Schmitt

Crooked Pine Tree, New Jersey Kathleen Gerard

Angel Oak Tree, South Carolina Kathleen Gerard

Self-Portrait with Cigarette Carl Schmitt

Untitled Carl Schmitt

Untitled Carl Schmitt

Woman in Irish Coat Carl Schmitt

Portrait of Gertrude Knitting Carl Schmitt


Lent/Easter 2011


Truth and Goodness Will Follow: A Conversation with Andrew Wilson Smith, Sculptor:  Matthew Alderman


Mariana’s Journey Fiorella de Mariam

Birdland Rev. Richard A. Infante


Back Again Hugh Fox

Seventy Syllables for My Mother Jonathan Potter

Cathedral of the Prairie Tim Murphy

Triduum Tim Murphy

Refusing the Call Tim Murphy

Sawtelle House, Sidney; St. Mary’s Church, Prague Thérèse Couture

How Love Endured Pavel Chichikov

The Borrowed Suit Pavel Chichikov

Mary’s Delight Pavel Chichikov

Rush Hour Jeb O’Brian

Waves Georgia Syribeys

Nocturne Georgia Syribeys

Roadside Cardinals Stella Nesanovich

What It Wasn’t Caroline Holme

In the Kitchen Michael Cadnum

rural summer retablo Suzanne Stratmann

mother mary Suzanne Stratmann

Untitled (poor girl) Rebecca Buchanan

Indulge the Other John Adams

Mamertine Prison John Adams

Dania Beach Stuart Radowitz

O Gates Lift Up Your Heads (a translation) Michael J. Miller

Harlem Valley Jennifer Blair

Galvani Jennifer Blair

Anxious Dead Jennifer Blair


The Street Hardly Understands: Groping for Transcendence in Eliot’s Early Poetry Andy Nowicki

My Beef with Holden Caulfield: On the 60th Anniversary of The Catcher in the Rye Damian J. Ference

Fight or Flight: An Appreciation of Psalm 11 as Translated by Alan Sullivan Catherine Chandler

Art and Photography

Antigone Andrew Wilson Smith

Robinson Jeffers Andrew Wilson Smith

Johannes Brahms Andrew Wilson Smith

Czeslaw Milosz Andrew Wilson Smith

Johnny Cash Andrew Wilson Smith

Capital for Our Lady of the Annunciation at Clear Creek Abbey Andrew Wilson Smith

Capital for Our Lady of the Annunciation at Clear Creek Abbey Andrew Wilson Smith

Jorge Luis Borges Andrew Wilson Smith


Oblations Meredith Wise

Advent/Christmas 2010




Sacred Places Bernardo Aparicio García, David Clayton, Joseph Pearce, James V. Schall, S. J., Duncan Stroik & Joseph Bottum


Why Can’t He Be You? Eve Tushnet

Ascending Christopher Paolelli

Meat Matthew Lickona

A Call to Prayer Joy Wambeke

Carla Arthur Powers

The Red Door Society Clay Reherman

King Saul Michael Doyle


Clare and Francis J.B. Toner

The Edifice Christopher Paolelli

What Thomas Saw J.B. Toner

A Reading from the Gospel According to Higher Education Michael Baruzzini

Wine Making to Marion Williams Singing  Mela Kirkpatrick

Kingdom for a Horse Mela Kirkpatrick

Villain, elle? Daniel Gibbons

Little Hours K.K. Adams

Teresa Sarah DeCorla-Souza

Holy Thursday Sarah DeCorla-Souza

Good Friday Cristina Montes

John the Baptist Simeon Lewis


G.K. Chesterton and the Use of the Imagination Dale Ahlquist

A Visit to the Tate Bo Helmich

In the Darkest Hours, Joy Tonita M. Helton

Refiner’s Fire Shannon Berry

Light from the East: The Orientation of

Christian Worship in Light of Modern

Scholarship Matthew Alderman

Sanctification: A Comedy of Error Fr. Bruno M. Shah, O.P.

Art and Photography

Our Lady of Merrimack David Clayton

Sacred Heart David Clayton

Isaias David Clayton

Elijan David Clayton

St. Luke David Clayton

Mother of God David Clayton

St. Silouan the Athonite David Clayton

Mandylion David Clayton


Mansfield Park Dena Hunt

Reflections Jonathan Potter

Mary, Queen of Angels 2010

Achilleus Now: Core Texts, the Good Life, and Democratic Society  Robert T. Miller

In the Wine Press  Joshua Hren

The Goat Cart  John Quintero

Poem with a line from the Desert Fathers  Sabrina Vourvoulias

The Fourth Man  Marjorie Maddox

A Triolet for the Tridentine Mass  Christopher Nield

Epigram  Micah Mattix

Cloud  Tom Noe

Petit Souci and Poinsettias  Joseph O’Brien

Theogony and Breakfast  Joseph O’Brien

Our Lady of the Apples  Ketha Spicer

Oneselves  Bryce A. Taylor

Husk  Bryce A. Taylor

Faces at a Reunion  R.S. Mitchell

Keeping Promises  John Goslee

Assisi  Stephen Milne

Pistol Meadow  Stephen Milne

The Greenwich Observatory  Stephen Milne

After  Stephen Milne

Style and Substance: A Reconsideration of J.F. Powers Zach Czaia

“I’ve, like, got to get there, like, now”: A Rant on Language, Unintelligibility, and Irreverence  Eleanor Bourg Donlon

Art and Photography
Fishing Lodge  Rick Westcott

Sooes Beach  Rick Westcott

Cape Flattery I  Rick Westcott

Cape Flattery II  Rick Westcott

Lake Crescent  Rick Westcott

Greenlake  Rick Westcott

Fishing Lodge II  Rick Westcott

Bainbridge I  Rick Westcott

Bainbridge II  Rick Westcott

The Eternal Smile: Three Stories Matthew Lickona

House of Words  Joseph O’Brien

SS. Peter and Paul 2010


Born Again Virgin  Andrew McNabb


Flesh  Steven Stafford

Suit  Gabriel Olearnik

Professore Takes His Cure  Caroline Paddock

February 29th  Bernadette Morgan


Saving Languages  Taylor Graham

In An Upland Field Taylor Graham

Salisbury Plain  Taylor Graham

First Edition  Gabriel Olearnik

Threadworks  Gabriel Olearnik

A Note to Rebecca  Diana Hallare

The Odor of Sanctity  Chene Heady

A Story in Ashes  Joshua Hren

SoCal: A Sorting of the Ways  Ricardo J. Quinones

Into a Pied Night Sky  J. Cooper

Stained Glass  Sarah DeCorla-Souza

Operation Pedro Pan  Monica Magnan

David and Bathsheba  Monica Magnan

Peter After Tabor  Mark Amorose

Whenever She Dresses All Blues I Become Two  L. M. Sloca

Flight of Fancy  L. M. Sloca

Yesterday, Today & Just Maybe  L. M. Sloca


From the Profound to the Popular: Two Essays on Evil in English Literature  Eleanor Bourg Donlon

  1. Cinemanemia or Revenge of the Bloodsucked
  2. Enter a Devil: The Satanic Sublime in the English Literary Canon
Art and Photography

Fields over Belgrade Montana  Whitney Wolf

Ed on Single Scull, Lake Lanier  Whitney Wolf

Change  Whitney Wolf

Cades Cove, Tennessee  Whitney Wolf

The Return  Whitney Wolf