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Storytelling, Kill Bill, and the Kingdom of God

Matthew Lickona

Can I tell you something? I get tired of talking about Flannery O’Connor. I get tired of talking about Walker Percy, J.F. Powers and even Evelyn Waugh. I get tired of talking about that remarkable mid-century stretch when books with explicitly religious (sometimes explicitly Catholic) characters and themes were garnering national attention. Take an easy barometer: The National Book Award. Powers—nominated in ’57, won in ’63 for Morte D’Urban. (Edwin O’Connor won the Pulitzer the year before for another book about priestly life, The Edge of Sadness.) Percy—won in ’62 for The Moviegoer, nominated again in ‘73. O’Connor—nominated in ’56, won in ’72 for The Complete Stories. After that? Not so much. [Read more...]

Sts. Peter and Paul 2006


Matthew Lickona


Bernardo Aparicio Garcia, Beneath the Ashes

Mark de Cristo, House of Cypress

Neil Silva, Parousia

Stephanie Manuzak, Tacky


Megan McQuaig, Crux

J.B. Toner, Four Sonnets

Mikaela D’Eigh, Meditation

John Rieping, Nothing Song

Cristina A. Montes, Sampagita

John Rieping, Transflagration

Tommy Dome, Two Haiku

Brandon Zimmerman, Waiting


Tonita M. Helton, Forgiveness Through the Eyes of the Soul

Kent Lasnoski, Measure for Measure: Shakespeare’s Parable

Bo Helmich, A Visit to the Tate
Art and Photography
Matthew Alderman, Our Lady, Queen of the English Martyrs – Architectural Designs

Patrick Anderson, Photographs

Bernardo Aparicio Garcia, A Dandelion

Alaide Mata, Paintings