Gabriel Olearnik

Erat quippe in ipsa civitate Parisius adolescentula quedam nomine Heloysa, neptis canonici cuiusdam qui Fulbertus.

Why do I seek the living among the dead
she is not here
she is

In Paris I was aquiline
my face eagle, noble, trimmed
in that place of rolled scrolls
I left the iron mittens of fine lineage
sold my birthright and bought books. [Read more…]

San Diego Poem: Palm Sunday

Joseph O’Brien

For Deirdre Lickona

Tonight, the bluish TV screen warps into wine’s darkness–
Each hollowed head, each explosion, each kiss or gun
Stretches its restless bandwidth as through a glass vessel.

I lie. Nothing is going on outside. A dog barks
That same nothing in the moon’s language, although archeology
Has long since laid him to rest: in Pharaohs’ tombs, [Read more…]


John A. Di Camillo

Sacred silence settles on the soul.
The heart’s thin veil is gently lifted.
Her eyes, in looking out, see in.
Distortion, distraction, delusion:
Cut down by serenity’s blade,
Crimson clarity.

Life courses swiftly, silent and steady,
Unseen but softly felt,
Until now, exposed, shines bright and crimson, crimson.

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Rush Hour

Jeb O’Brian

As another day unwinds
the tic-toc-tics of traffic
lights pace bright-eyed
vehicles through an intersection
so they won’t collide.
The pavement is still wet, but the sun
is coming out and this upbeat mood may stick. [Read more…]

Tulips for Elsie

Jonathan Potter

The day before you died I thought I’d bring
You tulips for your bedside table, bright
Ones, pink and white, to give your gaze a place
To rest, to make your labor seem less harsh.
I told my daughter so, my four-year-old
Who’d told me I should visit you, who’d hinted:
Your work, this dying business you were in,
Was making worldly things seem flimsy, thin. [Read more…]

O Gates Lift Up Your Heads

Michael J. Miller

O lift your heads, reach up, you gates!
The King of glory comes and waits:
   The King of kings, the Lord of all,
   And Savior of a world in thrall.
Salvation, life He comes to bring.
Rejoice, therefore, and with us sing:
   All praise to you, my God,
   Creator from of old.

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The White Stone

J.B. Toner

For Blaise Gerard Kurtz

To him who overcometh, says the Lord,
A white stone will be given whereupon
Is writ his name, known only to himself
And God Most High: his true, eternal name.
I AM has sent us, given us His Word
(The Word Who is God and is with God too),
By word brought forth the firmaments of earth
And peopled them with everlasting souls:
We see His Name in bird and flame and breath,
And every blade of grass; and yet–and yet–
These are but adumbrations of that Name. [Read more…]