Mirror Sonnet: JOB at the Garage Sale

Annabelle Moseley

“ . . . Though he heap up silver like dust and store away mounds of clothing, What he has stored the just man shall wear, and the innocent shall divide the silver.”
—Jb 27:13-17

“Perhaps you’d reconsider what that’s worth.
That is my wedding silver, dim with time.
One polishing will give a shining birth
to what has faded with neglect and grime. [Read more…]

Mary, Queen of Angels 2013

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The Inclination of Snow

Mary M. Brown

Consider the inclination of snow, its tacit argument
for peace, the way it seems to know no

complication, admit no fault in itself or in anything
within its reach, its endless devotion to ice

and the listening arts, its tendency toward under
statement, its selfless commitment to multi

chrome. [Read more…]

The Mother’s Vocation and the Writer’s Life: A Conversation Between Katy Carl and Meredith Mccann

What happens when a writer has a child? How many young, childless women publish more sparingly than men, and is this “leaving before you leave” (á la Sheryl Sandberg), or evidence of crushed hopes, or a kind of imaginative thrift that will yet bear fruit? Or a combination of these? It can be difficult to talk about specifically feminine gifts and trials without being seduced by generalities, but we, the current and former editors in chief of Dappled Things, have decided to take our private discussions to a public forum. [Read more…]