Rush Hour

Jeb O’Brian

As another day unwinds
the tic-toc-tics of traffic
lights pace bright-eyed
vehicles through an intersection
so they won’t collide.
The pavement is still wet, but the sun
is coming out and this upbeat mood may stick. [Read more…]

Book Review: Oblations

Meredith Wise

By Nick Ripatrazone
Gold Wake Press, 2011
92 pp.; $14.00
ISBN: 978-0982630969

“All things counter, original, spare, strange.” Oblations begins with an epigraph from “Pied Beauty,” the poem which gave Dappled Things its name. If I had to choose between adjectives, I would say that these Oblations are offerings of the spare. [Read more…]

O Gates Lift Up Your Heads

Michael J. Miller

O lift your heads, reach up, you gates!
The King of glory comes and waits:
   The King of kings, the Lord of all,
   And Savior of a world in thrall.
Salvation, life He comes to bring.
Rejoice, therefore, and with us sing:
   All praise to you, my God,
   Creator from of old.

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Back Again

Hugh Fox

Maybe it was too much biochemistry and oncology, cynicism, deaths,
After the from Ireland nuns and brothers, daily Mass and Communion,
walking out into agnostic keep-going-anyhowness until my mind started
relooking at gall bladders and life-seeds falling into uterine fields,
another and another and another birth, surrounded by my own births and
a year up in the Atacama Desert in Chile where I could read a newspaper
by million-strong starlight, however, whoever, rain-snow storms of
impossibles never leaving me alone until the cancer came back and
suddenly the Bless-Me’s came back again, just before almost-sleep,
during the miracle sun, trees, grouse, cranes, toenails, Notre Dame,
miracle twenty-fours.

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Cathedral of the Prairie

Tim Murphy

I’ve come to the Cathedral of the Prairie,
the masterpiece designed by Anton Dohmen,
but first I wander through the cemetery
where many farmers sleep, and like an omen
a dove bursts from a spruce tree. Holy Spirit,
inspire my reading. Wake the dead to hear it. [Read more…]

My Beef with Holden Caulfield: On the 60th Anniversary of The Catcher in the Rye

Damian J. Ference

Because I went to Catholic high school, and because I really didn’t begin to read for pleasure until my sophomore year of college, I was late in coming to meet J.D. Salinger’s character, Holden Caulfield. My public school friends met Holden in their junior year of high school, and some of them still swear that The Catcher in the Rye is the best book they’ve ever read. I even recall reading an interview a few years ago of Slash, the former guitarist from Guns N’ Roses (and high school drop-out), who insisted that reading Catcher changed his life, as he found in Holden the only character that ever seemed to relate to his own awkward experience of adolescence. [Read more…]

Truth and Goodness Will Follow: A Conversation with Andrew Wilson Smith, Sculptor

Matthew Alderman

Andrew Wilson Smith is one of the most talented and inventive of the rising generation of classical sculptors. He has studied in Florence and apprenticed under luminaries such as Anthony Visco, Miklos Simon, and Scotsman Alexander Stoddart. His work can be seen in locations from California to Switzerland, and he has undertaken numerous commissions for churches, academic institutions, and private clients. He has worked in stone, wood, and bronze. Most notable are a series of eight over-life-sized marble busts depicting the great poets of history created for the California State University campus at Stanislaus. His most unique commission must be a bust of musician Johnny Cash inspired by classical depictions of Orpheus, created while he was a student at the Pennsylvania Academy of Art. He currently lives on the grounds of Clear Creek Abbey in Oklahoma where he is engaged in carving a pair of Romanesque capitals depicting the Annunciation and other biblical narratives for the complex’s new monastic church. Smith has taught art and art history at St. Gregory’s Academy and Wyoming Catholic College. [Read more…]

Lent/Easter 2011


Truth and Goodness Will Follow: A Conversation with Andrew Wilson Smith, Sculptor:  Matthew Alderman


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