The Kingdom of Heaven

J.B. Toner

To be as little children, we must fight,
Leave childhood far behind us and be men—
Seek Heaven’s dawn through Purgatory’s night,
Engird the earth and find our homes again.
For God has placed in us an awful trust:
Not soldier-angels but ourselves He sends
To battle Satan’s pride and hate and lust
Until the broken world our Savior mends.
And we, though children of the lowly dust,
Are given weapons dour and keen to bear—
Love, music, sunlight, faith that God is just—
To face the viper in his darksome lair.
And so, in time, receive the holy right
To stand among our Lord’s celestial knights.

J.B. Toner is a graduate of the school of hard knocks.

Good Friday

Kathryn Husing

The black sky’s wind carries a sorrowful cry;
The seamless garment cast away by lots.
While the Father’s promise turns to a lie,
And Judas hangs upon a rope and rots.
	Hell’s angels rejoice: God dead on a cross:
	On this day all man’s hope is lost. [Read more...]

Holy Thursday

Sarah DeCorla-Souza

Today, I washed your tiny feet in the kitchen sink,
the left one cupped in my hand like a closed mussel shell.
I cleaned in between your pebble toes,
around your calloused heel, hardened
from two years of climbing patio chairs
and dancing on linoleum.
The layers of grime from a backyard afternoon
peeled away as if I were an archeologist
excavating an ancient piece of earthenware. [Read more…]


Katy Carl

Victor had never thought about his own name before. Now that he did, he hated it. It didn’t fit him; he was nothing like Christ, the victor over death. He was not strong. He did not succeed. He had only ever managed one good thing, and that was to lose the next best thing he had ever known—Ella—in favor of the best, a vocation. This loss, which he had been so used to thinking of as a gain, did not feel like triumph anymore. Today, wounds he’d thought had healed were open. Today, it again felt like loss. [Read more…]

The Priest Hole

Eleanor Bourg Donlon

We have made a league… cheerfully to carry the cross you shall lay upon us, and never to despair your recovery, while we have a man left to enjoy your Tyburn, or to be racked with your torments, or consumed with your prisons.
—St. Edmund Campion,
executed at Tyburn on 17 June 1582.
Written to the Lords of her Majestie’s Privy Council.

The sky was clear save for a small cluster of clouds—more ornamental than brimming over with sinister purpose. The sun was discreet; he did not ostentatiously command the scene, but neither did he make a timid entrance and huddle close to the horizon. The leaves rustled and made merry in the trees. Nature lay complacent and unknowing in the brisk autumn air of an English countryside. [Read more…]

St. Hope of Rome

Matthew Alderman

St. Hope of Rome

St. Hope of Rome

I began St. Hope of Rome, Virgin and Martyr as a belated birthday present to a college friend who was part of the generation left behind at Notre Dame when I graduated. Doing art as a gift is always a pleasure, as it forces me not only to finish my work, but also to share myself, and to create a work that taps into the general patrimony of mankind, something set apart from me and capable of being shared with others. The gift becomes common ground: It takes me out of myself to a small degree, which is intensely important for a Christian artist. My best works are often gifts for friends and family. [Read more…]

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