Catholic Distance University

at the destruction of the body

Ian Van Heusen

at the destruction of the body
at the deconstruction of the temple
at the decoration of futility
& the stripping bare of Zion [Read more...]

The Gargoyles Return

Joseph O’Brien

- to M.L.

This fixation with grotesques’ gross-weight stone
Began with bog and marsh, the search for mired
Delight in clean disgust; rock slime swallowed
By rain-swelled creeks, ooze beading black plates of shale. [Read more...]

Before Nebuchadnezzar

Matthew Mehan

No, let me tell you your dream:
The scape all ‘round slides away in lunar gray,
An owl upon your shoulder hoots a low
and ponderous hoot that in your ear you may
be slowly going deaf… and the cruel fowl knows! [Read more...]


Amanda Glass

No sound falls on my ears, no vision
soothes my eyes. My tongue is without speech,
my vocal cords are cut. I am deaf,
blind, mute, wretched, beyond the reach
of myself. I am six feet deep
in cold mud, sealed into my grave. [Read more...]


Gabriel Olearnik

Because I was ugly
Because I had clubfoot
(No, a twisted face)
Because the sound of my toys annoyed him
(No, he was drunk)
There was no thought in it
Because there was nothing else to do
And every other possibility in every possible world
Was spent
My father threw me [Read more...]


Gabriel Olearnik

Monsieur. If you will allow
The abattoir is open now. [Read more...]

Ghetto Sunrise

Brendan A. McGrath

Steal off into your crumbling church
in the gloaming of a doubtful dawn
and cross the abandoned trolley tracks
of a God-forgetting world… [Read more...]

A Militant Habit

C.M. Schott

If pressed to choose between the two, Brother Eudo would probably say he preferred the sword to the mace. Not because swordplay required more skill than bashing one’s opponent with a heavy object—though it certainly did—but because he liked the way a sword felt in his hands: balanced, reliable, perfectly simple but no less beautiful. At least, he reflected, sorting through the used habits in the storeroom looking for ones to fit the abbey’s two new novices, that is how he remembered the feel of a sword. It had been quite some time since he had last held one. [Read more...]

The Return to Magdalen Montague

Eleanor Bourg Donlon

4 August 1902
L— house, Yorkshire

My dear R.,

I apologize for my tardiness in responding—I have been rather ill. [Read more...]

The Truth of His Humanity

James V. Schall, S.J.

“Christmas . . . is one of numberless old European feasts of which the essence is the combination of religion with merry-making. But among those feasts it is also especially and distinctively English in the style of its merry-making and even in the style of its religion. For the character of Christmas (as distinct, for instance, from the continental Easter) lies chiefly in two things: first on the terrestrial side the note of comfort rather than the note of brightness and on the spiritual side, Christian charity rather than Christian ecstasy.”
- G. K. Chesterton, Charles Dickens, 1906 [Read more...]