Wisconsin Baroque, Priests, and Paper Architecture

Matthew Alderman

My favorite buildings never got around to being built. Some, like Sir Edwin Lutyen’s majestic design for Liverpool Cathedral, fell victim to budget cuts and the vagaries of history. Others were consigned by good taste, or occasionally outright timidity, to competition honorable mentions, and still others, like numerous student proposals or visionary dreams—like Boulée’s alarming hemispherical cenotaph for Newton, or an imaginary papal palace in Jerusalem cooked up by one of the votaries of the Vienna Sezession—weren’t terribly serious to begin with, unfortunately. [Read more…]

Photojournal: Granada, Nicaraguia

Sarah Ortiz

These photographs are a part of a collection I shot while in Granada, Nicaragua. The people and the daily life in Granada kept me constantly seeing in new ways through the viewfinder. The bright colors and gorgeous light were visually captivating and helped to make images of the simple pieces of life more interesting. It is difficult and, I think, unnecessary to explain these images: the photos tell a story, and I am outside of them, looking in and marveling at all that I see. [Read more…]