A Special Offer for Bad Catholics!

Welcome, readers of BadCatholic! Like you, we are huge fans of Marc’s writing (especially when that writing happens to be about us!). Judging by the fact that you are coming from his site, we can tell that you are discerning readers, and therefore we know you are going to love Dappled Things, the quarterly of ideas, art, and faith.

While our exclusive BadCatholic offer is now expired, Dappled Things is still a steal at only $19.99 for one year, or $29.99 for two years (within the US, see subscription buttons below for other countries). Becoming a subscriber is the only way that you can get full access to the great content we publish, all while getting the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to enrich and transform our culture. Besides, if you have enjoyed  browsing through Dappled Things‘ beautiful website (and if you haven’t, we encourage you to check out our homepage and archives), just wait till you see the journal in print.

Dappled Things Subscription

If you want to enjoy great art and literature that is informed and inspired by the Catholic tradition, if you keep worrying about the need to revitalize our culture, now is the time to act. At these prices, can you really afford not to subscribe?