Catholic Distance University

Easter 2014


Featuring Where Moth and Rust  by Kristin Luehr, Winner of the J.F. Powers Prize for Short Fiction

Candlemas 2014

Candlemas 2014 cover for web

Featuring Restoring Faith in Fiction: A Visit with Walker Percy and Paul Elie  by Joseph O’Brien

Mary, Queen of Angels 2013

Dappled Things Mary Queen of Angels 2013

Featuring an interview with Arthur Powers, author of a novella, The Book of Jotham (Tuscany Press), and a short story collection, A Hero for the People (Press 53).

SS. Peter & Paul 2013

Dappled Things Sts. Peter and Paul 2013

Featuring an interview with Brian Jobe, author of Bird’s Nest In Your Hair, fiction by Michael Bradburn-Ruster, poetry by Pope Pius II (translated by Brett Foster), a review of Booked: Literature in the Soul of Me, the art of William Frank, and much more.

Easter 2013

2013 Easter DT Cover

Featuring the work of acclaimed illustrator Daniel Mitsui and the winner of the 2012 Tuscany Prize for Catholic Fiction, along with an interview on the state of Catholic fiction with Joseph O’Brien.

Candlemas 2013

2013 CandlemasDappled Things

Featuring A Novel Vocation: A Conversation With Ron Hansen  by Joseph O’Brien

Mary, Queen of Angels 2012

Dappled Things Mary Queen of Angels 2012

Featuring Joshua Hren’s In The Wine Press Chapter III: Résistance

SS. Peter and Paul 2012


Featuring A Fire-Stained and Blackened Cathedral: An Interview with Joshua Hren by Meredith Wise

Pentecost 2012

2012 Dappled Things Pentecost cover small

Feature: “Little Volcanoes”: An Interview with Amy Welborn – Dorian Speed

Christmas 2011

DT Cover Advent 2011 shadow resized

Feature: Flannery O’Connor and “The Enduring Chill” – Paul O’Reilly

Mary, Queen of Angels 2011

DT Cover MQA 2011 shadow resized

Feature: “Coming Awake in Love”: A Discussion on the Struggle for Holiness and the Writing of Shirt of Flame: My Year with St. Therese of Lisieux - Heather King

SS. Peter and Paul 2011


Feature: On Truth and Trade: Economics and the Catholic Vision of the Good Life – Bernardo Aparicio García, Robert T. Miller, and John C. Médaille

Lent/Easter 2011


Feature: Truth and Goodness Will Follow: A Conversation with Andrew Wilson Smith, Sculptor – Matthew Alderman

Advent/Christmas 2010


Feature: Sacred Places – Bernardo Aparicio García, David Clayton, Joseph Pearce, James V. Schall, S. J., Duncan Stroik & Joseph Bottum

Mary, Queen of Angels 2010


Feature: Robert T. Miller – Achilleus Now: Core Texts, the Good Life, and Democratic Society

SS. Peter and Paul 2010


Feature: Andrew McNabb – Born Again Virgin

Lent/Easter 2010


Feature: Michael Flynn – The Age of Faith and Reason

Advent 2009


Feature: Jeffrey Tucker – A Fix for Catholic Music

Mary, Queen of Angels 2009


Feature: John C. Wright – On the People’s Business

SS. Peter and Paul 2009


Feature: Wilfrid M. McClay – Restoring the Fresco of Progress

Lent/Easter 2009


Feature: Bruno M. Shah, OP – Prudence and the Providence of Plot

Advent 2008


Feature: John Zmirak – Nearer My Dogs to Thee

Mary, Queen of Angels 2008


Feature: David Rozema – Pre-Christian Infusion: Faith, Hope, and Charity in The Lord of the Rings

SS. Peter and Paul 2008


Feature: Bernardo Aparicio Garcia – A Man of Culture: Reflections on the Papal Visit

Lent/Easter 2008


Feature: Matthew J. Milliner – When the Eagles Don’t Fit in Capistrano

Advent 2007


Feature: James V. Schall – The Truth of His Humanity

Mary, Queen of Angels 2007


Feature: Carl Schmitt, Jr. – Eclipse: A Painting by Carl Schmitt

SS. Peter and Paul 2007


Features from Mary Angelita Ruiz, Richard John Neuhaus, Colleen Carroll Campbell, Michael D. O’Brien, and Peter Kreeft

Lent/Easter 2007


Feature: Mark C. Henrie – The Telos of a University

Advent 2006


Feature: Amy Welborn – On Things As They Are

Mary Queen of Angels 2006


Feature: Arthur Powers, Three Tales from Brazil – A Hero for the People, Stone, and Carla

SS. Peter and Paul 2006


Feature: Matthew Lickona – Storytelling, Kill Bill, and the Kingdom of God and Meat: A Story

Lent/Easter 2006


Feature: Joseph Pearce – Home Thoughts from Abroad

Advent 2005


Feature: Dale Ahlquist – G.K. Chesterton and the Use of the Imagination