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Bombus Bombus

Bombus Bombus

Oil on Oak Board 10cm x 10cm 2009

Ryan Hannigan is an artist working in Aberfeldy, Scotland, where he has a gallery and studio (www.thetemplegallery.co.uk). He is charmed by the Old Masters and limps behind their direction. The practice of art, for him, is a continual search for hope. Belief in God, he thinks, has for many been a cause of fear and war, and yet he cannot help but see that He—Jesus the God-Man—is the only sublime hope. He longs for a patron who wishes to adorn an entire church, chapel, temple, or even home with the type of work that he has contributed to this issue of Dappled Things, a patron who sees art not simply as an aesthetic, but as a means of meditating on that which is beyond us, on the one, true, sublime hope.

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