The Board It Is A-Changin’

Welcome, once again, to our new website! We hope you’re enjoying it. Some areas are still in progress, so please excuse us as we put the finishing touches on the site and fix any bugs that remain.

As if the new site wasn’t change enough, there are also some important changes to the Dappled Things editorial board that we’d like to share with you. First, our managing editor John DiCamillo, one of DT‘s founding editors, is stepping down in order to better attend to his responsibilities to his new family. John has been instrumental in helping DT grow and flourish during the past six years, and will miss him very much. We are delighted to announce, however, that Janice Walker, our Art Director, will be taking over his responsibilities as new managing editor while continuing to oversee the journal’s overall design.

And speaking of design, we’re delighted to welcome Dorian Speed, our new web editor. If you like the look of the new site, you have our newest member of the board to thank for it. (If, by the way, you want your own website to look nearly as good as ours, you’d do well to enlist her services through, her web design company.)