SS. Peter and Paul 2011


On Truth and Trade: Economics and the Catholic Vision of the Good Life


Dust Rosemary Callenberg

Winner, North Dakota Anthony Lusvardi, SJ

Come Into My House and Stay Arthur Powers


My Favorite Deadly Sin Ron McFarland

Seventeenth-Century Poetry and Prose Ron McFarland

Spring, 1373 David Athey

Celestialness David Athey

My Recurring Dacha Dream Joseph O’ Brien

Mater Mea David Pederson

Pieces of Straw J.B. Toner

Simeony Mike Aquilina

The Poem of the Act of the Mind Mike Aquilina

Pilgrimage Mike Aquilina

Hardball Mike Aquilina

For Anne Thomas Forsthoefel

Moonscape in Juarez Thomas Forsthoefel

Job Description Thomas Forsthoefel

So many thoughts has she John Jalsevac

I’d Often Read about It in a Book Geoffrey Smagacz

Three-Cricket Evening Sarah Rehfeldt

An Elegy for Rose Christopher Nield


Not Love: A Drama Jennifer Pierce

Art and Photography

Portrait of Austin with Cello Carl Schmitt

Gertrude with Violin Carl Schmitt

Crooked Pine Tree, New Jersey Kathleen Gerard

Angel Oak Tree, South Carolina Kathleen Gerard

Self-Portrait with Cigarette Carl Schmitt

Untitled Carl Schmitt

Untitled Carl Schmitt

Woman in Irish Coat Carl Schmitt

Portrait of Gertrude Knitting Carl Schmitt