Back Again

Hugh Fox

Maybe it was too much biochemistry and oncology, cynicism, deaths,
After the from Ireland nuns and brothers, daily Mass and Communion,
walking out into agnostic keep-going-anyhowness until my mind started
relooking at gall bladders and life-seeds falling into uterine fields,
another and another and another birth, surrounded by my own births and
a year up in the Atacama Desert in Chile where I could read a newspaper
by million-strong starlight, however, whoever, rain-snow storms of
impossibles never leaving me alone until the cancer came back and
suddenly the Bless-Me’s came back again, just before almost-sleep,
during the miracle sun, trees, grouse, cranes, toenails, Notre Dame,
miracle twenty-fours.

Hugh Fox was born in Chicago in 1932, got his PhD in American Lit from the U. of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, taught for almost forty years at Loyola U. in L.A., the Instituto Pedagogico in Caracas, the U. of Sonora in Mexico, the U. of Santa Catarina in Brazil, and Michigan State U. He has published 115 books. His latest are Depths and Dragons, a novel published by Skylight Press in England; Approaching/Acercando, poems written in Brazil in Portuguese and translated once Fox returned to the U.S.; and Reunion, a novel published by Lumina Press.