Rush Hour

Jeb O’Brian

As another day unwinds
the tic-toc-tics of traffic
lights pace bright-eyed
vehicles through an intersection
so they won’t collide.
The pavement is still wet, but the sun
is coming out and this upbeat mood may stick.

All over the city work grinds
to a halt of one kind or another. The shadows
of buildings fill the street
like lovers lying back onto sheets, woes
dashed. Hopes pile
up in new directions. Horns bleat
their jubilation for the rank and file.

Jeb O’Brian is the son of Patrick and Siobhán. Born and raised in Boston, he now lives in Seattle and studies Latin and Greek at Chief Sealth College. His poetry has appeared at National Review Online, Letter X Magazine, Korrektiv, and The Local Writer.