Lent/Easter 2011


Truth and Goodness Will Follow: A Conversation with Andrew Wilson Smith, Sculptor:  Matthew Alderman


Mariana’s Journey Fiorella de Mariam

Birdland Rev. Richard A. Infante


Back Again Hugh Fox

Seventy Syllables for My Mother Jonathan Potter

Cathedral of the Prairie Tim Murphy

Triduum Tim Murphy

Refusing the Call Tim Murphy

Sawtelle House, Sidney; St. Mary’s Church, Prague Thérèse Couture

How Love Endured Pavel Chichikov

The Borrowed Suit Pavel Chichikov

Mary’s Delight Pavel Chichikov

Rush Hour Jeb O’Brian

Waves Georgia Syribeys

Nocturne Georgia Syribeys

Roadside Cardinals Stella Nesanovich

What It Wasn’t Caroline Holme

In the Kitchen Michael Cadnum

rural summer retablo Suzanne Stratmann

mother mary Suzanne Stratmann

Untitled (poor girl) Rebecca Buchanan

Indulge the Other John Adams

Mamertine Prison John Adams

Dania Beach Stuart Radowitz

O Gates Lift Up Your Heads (a translation) Michael J. Miller

Harlem Valley Jennifer Blair

Galvani Jennifer Blair

Anxious Dead Jennifer Blair


The Street Hardly Understands: Groping for Transcendence in Eliot’s Early Poetry Andy Nowicki

My Beef with Holden Caulfield: On the 60th Anniversary of The Catcher in the Rye Damian J. Ference

Fight or Flight: An Appreciation of Psalm 11 as Translated by Alan Sullivan Catherine Chandler

Art and Photography

Antigone Andrew Wilson Smith

Robinson Jeffers Andrew Wilson Smith

Johannes Brahms Andrew Wilson Smith

Czeslaw Milosz Andrew Wilson Smith

Johnny Cash Andrew Wilson Smith

Capital for Our Lady of the Annunciation at Clear Creek Abbey Andrew Wilson Smith

Capital for Our Lady of the Annunciation at Clear Creek Abbey Andrew Wilson Smith

Jorge Luis Borges Andrew Wilson Smith


Oblations Meredith Wise