Advent/Christmas 2010




Sacred Places Bernardo Aparicio García, David Clayton, Joseph Pearce, James V. Schall, S. J., Duncan Stroik & Joseph Bottum


Why Can’t He Be You? Eve Tushnet

Ascending Christopher Paolelli

Meat Matthew Lickona

A Call to Prayer Joy Wambeke

Carla Arthur Powers

The Red Door Society Clay Reherman

King Saul Michael Doyle


Clare and Francis J.B. Toner

The Edifice Christopher Paolelli

What Thomas Saw J.B. Toner

A Reading from the Gospel According to Higher Education Michael Baruzzini

Wine Making to Marion Williams Singing  Mela Kirkpatrick

Kingdom for a Horse Mela Kirkpatrick

Villain, elle? Daniel Gibbons

Little Hours K.K. Adams

Teresa Sarah DeCorla-Souza

Holy Thursday Sarah DeCorla-Souza

Good Friday Cristina Montes

John the Baptist Simeon Lewis


G.K. Chesterton and the Use of the Imagination Dale Ahlquist

A Visit to the Tate Bo Helmich

In the Darkest Hours, Joy Tonita M. Helton

Refiner’s Fire Shannon Berry

Light from the East: The Orientation of

Christian Worship in Light of Modern

Scholarship Matthew Alderman

Sanctification: A Comedy of Error Fr. Bruno M. Shah, O.P.

Art and Photography

Our Lady of Merrimack David Clayton

Sacred Heart David Clayton

Isaias David Clayton

Elijan David Clayton

St. Luke David Clayton

Mother of God David Clayton

St. Silouan the Athonite David Clayton

Mandylion David Clayton


Mansfield Park Dena Hunt

Reflections Jonathan Potter