SS. Peter and Paul 2010


Born Again Virgin  Andrew McNabb


Flesh  Steven Stafford

Suit  Gabriel Olearnik

Professore Takes His Cure  Caroline Paddock

February 29th  Bernadette Morgan


Saving Languages  Taylor Graham

In An Upland Field Taylor Graham

Salisbury Plain  Taylor Graham

First Edition  Gabriel Olearnik

Threadworks  Gabriel Olearnik

A Note to Rebecca  Diana Hallare

The Odor of Sanctity  Chene Heady

A Story in Ashes  Joshua Hren

SoCal: A Sorting of the Ways  Ricardo J. Quinones

Into a Pied Night Sky  J. Cooper

Stained Glass  Sarah DeCorla-Souza

Operation Pedro Pan  Monica Magnan

David and Bathsheba  Monica Magnan

Peter After Tabor  Mark Amorose

Whenever She Dresses All Blues I Become Two  L. M. Sloca

Flight of Fancy  L. M. Sloca

Yesterday, Today & Just Maybe  L. M. Sloca


From the Profound to the Popular: Two Essays on Evil in English Literature  Eleanor Bourg Donlon

  1. Cinemanemia or Revenge of the Bloodsucked
  2. Enter a Devil: The Satanic Sublime in the English Literary Canon
Art and Photography

Fields over Belgrade Montana  Whitney Wolf

Ed on Single Scull, Lake Lanier  Whitney Wolf

Change  Whitney Wolf

Cades Cove, Tennessee  Whitney Wolf

The Return  Whitney Wolf