Lent/Easter 2010


The Age of Faith and Reason  Michael F. Flynn


Good Company  Debra Brenegan

Lavábo  Dena Hunt

The Sisters of the Sacred Heart  Michael F. Flynn

Drawing Fishes  Geoffrey Smagacz


Cry  Drew Darr

Κοινη  Joseph O’Brien

The Agony in the Garden  Ketha Spicer

Memento Mori  K.B. Kincer

Seeds  K.B. Kincer

Stations  K.B. Kincer

Veil  Gerald Schwartz

La Grotte  Matthew Hamilton

Death of a Saint  Benjamin Lusk

Darkness Visible  Andrew Thornton-Norris

Presences  Andrew Thornton-Norris

Transcription  Rosamund Hodge

Art and Prose

Reflections on Beauty  Ron Johnson

Art and Photography

St. Brendan the Navigator Celebrating Mass on the Back of the Whale Iasconius  Daniel Mitsui

St. Columba of Iona  Daniel Mitsui

Crucifixion  Daniel Mitsui

Iris  Ron Johnson

Coral  Ron Johnson

Sanctuary  Ron Johnson

Poppy Seeds  Ron Johnson


“This Morally Inverted Universe:” An Interview with Max McLean  Janice Walker


The Screwtape Letters  Janice Walker

Say You’re One of Them  Katy Carl

The Abbess of Andalusia  Katy Carl