SS. Peter and Paul 2009


Restoring the Fresco of Progress  Wilfrid M. McClay


What is Art? Part 1 of “On the Vocation of the Christian Artist”  Eileen Cunis


The Funeral  Dena Hunt

De virtute cannibalismi  Eleanor Bourg Donlon

The Ninth Floor  Tony France


Excelsior Unincorporated  Joseph O’Brien

Illinois Farmers  Michael Lee Johnson

Rod Stroked Survival with a Deadly Hammer  Michael Lee Johnson

Praise Song on a Summer Night  Mary Ann Honaker

Cambridge Commons  Mary Ann Honaker

The Sight  Mary Ann Honaker

Incarnation (corrected)  Kate Bluett

to remember october  Rachel Kondro

Beads  John Savoie

Habenera  Andrew Thornton-Norris

Gethsemane  Mark Amorose

Confessions  Nick Ripatrazone

Harry Ploughman  Nick Ripatrazone

Roman April  Meredith Wise


“Paradise with a Serpent”: An Interview with Carlos Eire  Bernardo Aparicio García and Katy Carl

Art and Prose

Wisconsin Baroque, Priests, and Paper Architecture  Matthew Alderman

Art and Photography

Cora  James Dean Erickson

Seven  James Dean Erickson

Fast Eddie  James Dean Erickson

Jimmy Wood  James Dean Erickson