The Triumph of Magdalen Montague

Eleanor Bourg Donlon

19 February 1923
M—, Devon

My dear R.,

I have just returned from explaining to an affable, dunderheaded farm hand that chivalry demands he make an honest woman of the butcher’s daughter he seduced a few months ago. It was easier to talk sense into his cloddish brain than it ever will be to convince you of anything, my friend. Don’t forget that even Swinburne faced death in his time. You cannot hope to escape the inevitable through sheer quantity of sin.

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Eleanor Bourg Donlon, a Dappled Things assistant editor and a UVa alumna (MA, English ‘07), works as a freelance writer and editor based out of Charlottesville, VA. Her writing has also appeared in The Saint Austin Review. More of her work is available at