Lent/Easter 2009

Publisher’s Note


Prudence and the Providence of Plot  Bruno M. Shah, OP


A Tribute to Fr. Richard John Neuhaus (1936-2009)  Mary Angelita Ruiz

Publishing for Papists: Marketing the Literary Vocation  Eleanor Bourg Donlon


A Circle of Cypresses  John Farrell

Black Market  August Roulaux

Aftermath  Fiorella de Maria


Grantchester Meadows  Fiorella de Maria

Widow’s Walk  Fiorella de Maria

the EPA drained  Susan St. Martin

The Infinite Jest  Peter Ascik

Reading Pascal at Mint Springs  R.S. Mitchell

Scattered Thundershowers this Afternoon  Robert MacArthur

Autumn Interrupts  Robert MacArthur

The Cheshire Cat  Robert MacArthur

Incarnation  Kate Bluett

To a Young Tenor Singing Schubert  Michael Miller

Genesseret  James Watson

Oracle Near Restful Waters  Jason Baguia

San Diego Poem: Palm Sunday  Joseph O’Brien

Sirocco  Fiorella de Maria

Consummatum Est  Rose Polchowne


“Obsessed with What’s Next”: An Interview with Andrew McNabb  Katy Carl


The Body of This  Katy Carl

Amor de Lohn  Katy Carl

Art and Photography

Photojournal: Granada, Nicaragua  Sarah Ortiz