Advent 2008

Publisher’s Note


Nearer My Dogs to Thee  John Zmirak


The Convert Katy Carl

The Meadow  David Dahlke

The Strawberry Effect  Lauren Schott


If Life Could Write: Mystery and Reality in War and Peace  Bernardo Aparicio Garcia


Agnes  Grace Andreacchi


Steam  Gabriel Olearnik

Tumult  Gabriel Olearnik

108 degrees  Gabriel Olearnik

St. Catherine’s Wheel  Michael Schorsch

Absent Friends  Fiorella de Maria

Patina  William Daugherty

Sacred Heart of St. Joseph  Jonathan McDonald

White Christmas  Joseph O’Brien

Four Calling Birds  Joseph O’Brien

An Afterglow Candidate  R.S. Mitchell

The Creek  R.S. Mitchell

Christus Natus Est  Rose Polchowne

The White Stone  J.B. Toner

Footnote to the 22nd Psalm  Jason Baguia

Embers  Michael Miller

Bereite Dich, Zion  Grace Anreacchi

To the Christ-child in the Flight to Egypt  Jason Baguia

Ascension  Adam Cooper

Living with Killers  Vic Cavalli

Concerning Violets  Michael Schorsch


Exiles  Meredith Wise

Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Life  Meredith Wise

Art and Photography

Agnes  Matthew Alderman

Until We Have Faces I  Patrick Anderson

Until We Have Faces II  Patrick Anderson

Tomb of the Black Knight  Patrick Anderson

Bere Island  Patrick Anderson