Be Not Afraid

Mike Mangione

It’s a dirt road I come from
A storm from the past
Dust twirls in cyclone curls and lays me on the grass
As steady as a heart beat
As fleeting as a wave
I break crest on newborn shores of everlasting graves
I walk the seems of night and day amidst tears of all unknown
Please turn and face night fall because in the darkness light is shown

Oh! Be not afraid

Twisted hands and crooked hearts have scattered all your things
Read you lines from wicked poems that empty searching brings
With my hands I feed you bread and they complain that it’s just toast
Then they search the trees for spirits and claim they saw a ghost
They try to sell you happiness and they do it for a fee
I can sell you everything and I’ll sell it to you free

Oh! Be not afraid

When poets breathe indifference
When singers lose their breath
When politicians rid their land and retire for the rest
When the eyes of heads of relevance cast shadows on your hands
And draw their inspiration off the backs of younger men
Yea I can tell you something from the grey we must choose
If you don’t learn to give your life there’s no life for you to lose

Oh! Be not afraid

Mike Mangione is a singer and songwriter in Milwaukee, WI. His music is available at

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