Gabriel Olearnik

Monsieur. If you will allow
The abattoir is open now.

Observe, the noble cadavers are arrayed
in states of flayed and dismembered dignity.
Yes, that was a living soul once.
Yes, those are real hooks!

The bouquet of heated zinc
That is blood—the alloy of flesh and water
A fine companion to the Merlot
Let me refresh your glass.

Do not be afraid.
You can touch.
Yes, corpse fauna
Blowfly and necrophorus beetles
They eat each other—
look at the fat one tussle!
A greedy ruck for that bite of cheekbone.

It is so

(Guilt is just a word)

It is so

(Debauch is meaningless)

Anything to still the yawns.


Gabriel Olearnik studied medieval history at University College London. He is currently an attorney and practices corporate law.