Mary, Queen of Angels 2007

Publisher’s Note


Carl Schmitt, Jr.,
Eclipse: A Painting by Carl Schmitt


Eleanor Bourg Donlon,
The Flight from Magdalen Montague

Eve Tushnet,


Gabriel Olearnik,

Meredith Wise,
Fragment from Assisi

Sarah Buck,
Meditation on Gerard Manley Hopkins’ “Adoro Te” As Sung by a Choir in Rehearsal

Timothy Barr,
The Paschal Four

Carla Galdo,

Simeon Lewis,
On a Written Day

Kevin Rulo,
On Zacharias Coming Out of the Temple

Susan Mibeck,

Robert Drapeau,
Bread from Heaven


Philip Carl Smith,
The Monastery, the Motu Proprio, and the Heart of the Church

Catherine Rose,
Social Justice and the Theology of the Body

Soren T. Johnson,
A Vigil for Berend

Br. Joseph Van House, O. Cist.,
The Light of Christ’s Face: Redemption in Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians
Art and Prose

Matthew G. Alderman,
Quid Tum?

Art and Photography

Patrick Anderson,
The Eye of the Needle

Genevieve Marie White,
After the Fire

Rose Shopen-Klassen,