Michael Baruzzini

There is an infinite distance 
	between imperfect and perfect.
	Imperfect is who I am,
	and perfect, who I need to be. 

There is yet another infinite distance
	between perfect 
	and You, 
	for You are Perfection itself.
There are, then, two infinites between us:
	from imperfect to perfect,
	from perfect to You,	
	and I know I cannot reach.
But I know too that You are merciful, 
	and that You will cross one infinity,
	and I the other,
	and there at perfect You will meet me.

So I set out to traverse the gap,
	to leave behind who I am
	and become who I need to be—
	perfect, and then, there, You will meet me.
But now I am here,
	I have gone the distance, and yet
	perfect is still an infinity away.
	I cannot reach the other side.

Then I turn to see
	here, at imperfect,
	You stand beside me, and say,
	“Only I can cross.”

And then I realize this double mercy:
	You cross two infinites and meet me at
	imperfect, and carry me to dwell with You at

Michael Baruzzini is a 2005 graduate of the University of Notre Dame.