Then We Shall Know Fully

Maria D. Byers

On a January night I saw
stars, roaring lanterns, thunder
in the massive silence
of an echo-holding sky
above a fragile world, half woven of
frosted roots and grasses;
and the cold field swayed, glittered vaguely,
oblivious to the universe’s
swelling scale of sounds,
never apprehending the unheard noise
surging over the mute and thousand throngs.

Fire beyond lightness,
sound beyond voice, speed beyond time,
You smolder in each fragment of my being,
and each moment I cannot not grasp You.
But You burn, and You flare,
and Your blinding riddles sear my senses,
You shatter the shell of my stubborn dullness,
stun and irradiate my unawareness.

There is the breath of a murmur, and I listen
for the fierce and avid voice of distant stars:
Saints, sparking and shimmering
in the lightest glance of God;
and marveling, adrift on the insentient sea of grasses,
I see the awesome beacons of their love and passion;
watchful for flickers of their wild discoveries,
marks of their outlandish strides, and
strains and trails of their blazing song.

Maria D. Byars studied at the University of St Andrews, Scotland for an MA Hons in English Literature, and then completed an MSc in Development Studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science, England. She works for a charity called Scottish International Relief.