A Song for Caitlin

J.B. Toner

God’s earth is full of beauty, that I know;
   It scintillates and dances in my eyes,
   His laughter rolls and rings and multiplies,
And makes the turning vistas chime and glow—
But little peace it grants me, even so:
   I cannot cling to bright salvation’s prize;
   The Heaven-light that lights my way soon dies,
For want of faith (perhaps) through which to flow.
 And yet my world holds hope and purity;
   Our Lady’s Son redeemed the depths of Hell—
 And traces of her grace I still can see,
   Like sun-sparked droplets from a silver well:
 This medal round my neck which is, to me,
   Three strands of hair from my Galadriel.

J.B. Toner is a graduate of the school of hard knocks.


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      Hi Jerome! JB Toner was one of our authors in our very first issue, and has continued to publish with us intermittently over the years. His latest self-published novel, The Nephilim Effect, is available on Amazon Kindle. It’s a great favorite of mine! I hope you like it.