Mary Queen of Angels 2006


Arthur Powers, Three Tales from Brazil


Matthew Mehan,
Answer the Question

Stephanie Mader,
Open Great Wide Doors


Karen K. Adams,
African Angelus

Heather Thompson,
Alessandro’s Ascent

Daniel Gibbons,

Cristina Montes,
The Edge of the Sea

Shannon Berry,
Ephphetha, that is, Be Opened

Karen K. Adams,
Little Hours

Rosemarie Monge,
May Showers

Amos Hunt,
Night Crossing

Sarah DeCorla-Souza,
Ordinary Time

J.B. Toner,
The Play Continues

J.B. Toner,
To Whom Much is Given

Daniel Gibbons,
Villain, elle?


Fr. Damian Ference,
Catholic Education and Masturbation

Katy Carl,
A Private Matter

Shannon Berry,
Refiner’s Fire

Art and Prose

Matthew Alderman
St. Gregory the Great

Art and Photography

Jacquelyn Barten,
Beauty Reflecting

David Lynch,
Higher Hopes

Shelley Mauss,
Icon of the Sacred Heart

J.B. Mincher,
Lady in the Water

Alysse Boyd,
Mary Full of Grace

Shannon Littleton,
Old Memories

Alysse Boyd,
The Streets of New York

Teresa Burkett,