Mary, Queen of Angels 2010

Achilleus Now: Core Texts, the Good Life, and Democratic Society  Robert T. Miller

In the Wine Press  Joshua Hren

The Goat Cart  John Quintero

Poem with a line from the Desert Fathers  Sabrina Vourvoulias

The Fourth Man  Marjorie Maddox

A Triolet for the Tridentine Mass  Christopher Nield

Epigram  Micah Mattix

Cloud  Tom Noe

Petit Souci and Poinsettias  Joseph O’Brien

Theogony and Breakfast  Joseph O’Brien

Our Lady of the Apples  Ketha Spicer

Oneselves  Bryce A. Taylor

Husk  Bryce A. Taylor

Faces at a Reunion  R.S. Mitchell

Keeping Promises  John Goslee

Assisi  Stephen Milne

Pistol Meadow  Stephen Milne

The Greenwich Observatory  Stephen Milne

After  Stephen Milne

Style and Substance: A Reconsideration of J.F. Powers Zach Czaia

“I’ve, like, got to get there, like, now”: A Rant on Language, Unintelligibility, and Irreverence  Eleanor Bourg Donlon

Art and Photography
Fishing Lodge  Rick Westcott

Sooes Beach  Rick Westcott

Cape Flattery I  Rick Westcott

Cape Flattery II  Rick Westcott

Lake Crescent  Rick Westcott

Greenlake  Rick Westcott

Fishing Lodge II  Rick Westcott

Bainbridge I  Rick Westcott

Bainbridge II  Rick Westcott

The Eternal Smile: Three Stories Matthew Lickona

House of Words  Joseph O’Brien