J.F. Powers Prize Winners to be Announced February 28

As many readers will recall, late last year Dappled Things began receiving submissions for its first fiction contest, the J.F. Powers Prize for Short Fiction. The prize will pay $500 to the winner, plus publication in the journal for nine additional honorable mentions.

We were extremely pleased with the response from authors, having received around 400 submissions total (which was quite a challenge to comb through!). Our three judges, Eve Tushnet, Matthew Lickona, and Andrew McNabb, are now in the process of finalizing their decisions, and they will announce the winners on our website on February 28. We are excited to learn the results, and encouraged by the quantity and quality of material we received. Please check back in a few days to learn more about the contest winners, who will be published during the coming year, starting with the winning story in the Easter 2014 edition.

Also, we are pleased to report that thanks to the excellent results of our Christmas fundraising campaign (after a worryingly slow start, we must admit, but with tremendous results by the end), we will be introducing a non-fiction prize this year. The details are still being hammered out, but we’ll let you know all about it once we’ve figured it all out.

Thanks to all who submitted their work to this year’s prize. It has been a wonderful experience having the chance to read through such excellent work, and we look forward to publishing the winners soon.