Will You Be Our Next Art Director?

Dear Friends,


The Mary, Queen of Angels 2009 edition was the first to feature our redesigned cover and logo.

After many years with the magazine, and stints both as Managing Editor and Art Director, our friend Janice Stallings (née Walker) is stepping down from her post in order to better attend to her new family. During her tenure, Janice completely revamped our print edition and led the first redesign of our website, helping us achieve the high standard of beauty that has long delighted our readers and gained much acclaim for the journal.  While we will sorely miss Janice, we are excited to offer a new opportunity to join our talented team of dedicated volunteers. If you have graphic design chops, a deep love for the Catholic faith, literature, and art, and a desire to transform the culture, we invite you to apply to be our new Art Director. While we cannot offer power or riches, we do offer an opportunity for an extremely rewarding volunteer experience, a platform for exhibiting and developing your skills, and a chance to work with a truly outstanding group of people.

What does the Art Director do?

The Art Director oversees the look and feel of the magazine both online and in-print (in coordination with our Web Editor). This includes designing our print covers and typesetting each quarterly issue. You would also have a big hand in helping us design the digital edition of Dappled Things that will be released next year. We may also call on you to help us design ads for occasional marketing campaigns.

What is the time commitment?

Extremely light most of the time, except for a week or so every three months, when the typesetting/design for the upcoming issue needs to be done. During those “heavy” weeks you’ll probably work 15-20 hours. The rest of the year you’d put in somewhere between zero and one hour a week.

What do I need to know?

The most important thing is having a solid knowledge of Adobe InDesign. But if you have other skills that would be relevant, please let us know (e.g., web design, video production, publication for e-readers, etc).

Are applications limited to a specific geographical area?

No. All the work for Dappled Things is done online. Our staff members live throughout North America, and even as far away as Russia and the Philippines.

How do I apply?

Send an e-mail to Bernardo Aparicio at dappledthings.aparicio [at] gmail.com. Please include an informal “cover letter” telling us about yourself, your graphic design experience, and why on earth you’d want to give up your free time to help us produce Dappled Things. If possible, please include a resumé, and especially, files or links to examples of your graphic design work.