Image Journal’s Near Death Experience

Image journal, one of the finest literary journals out there covering art and faith, needs your help:



These are the hallmarks of the creator’s love for his creation: an endless love that must always shift with circumstances to see to the good of the beloved. And a vulnerable love that cannot force a response from the beloved but must watch and wait and hope for a response, whether it comes or not.

Theologian that he is, Vanstone could not help feeling that these were the characteristics of God’s love for us—a self-emptying (kenosis) love that is always attempting to find out how to address the welter of circumstance that is every individual life. “The vulnerability of God means that the issue of His love as triumph or tragedy depends upon His creation.”

That statement may raise a few theological questions in the minds of some readers, but Vanstone’s argument deserves to be engaged in its context before anyone renders a judgment.

But as an analogy to the arts, Vanstone’s point—that the creator puts a work out into the world and becomes vulnerable to the “power of response” is something that every artist knows intuitively.
When we signed up with an online event registration company to take in all of our registrations and fees for the Glen Workshop in the fall of 2012, we made ourselves vulnerable to them.So it is, I would argue, with a creative endeavor like Image.

We had no idea they would stop paying us in January of this year and that by the time Glen East began, we would be owed $65,000.

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