Wiseblood Books

1366469232It looks like the surge of small presses interested in publishing fiction that seriously engages with questions of faith continues to grow. Now, in addition to Slant Books, Tuscany Press, Korrektiv Press, and various others that have started up in recent years, we have Wiseblood Books, an effort spearheaded by Dappled Things managing editor Joshua Hren (for the sake of clarity, we want to highlight that Wiseblood Books is entirely independent of Dappled Things). While Wiseblood is just starting up and running a drive to kickstart the project, they are already offering a catalogue of classics in fiction and philosophy, as well as editing services for writers interested in polishing their work. For a small donation, they’ll send you your choice of book from their collection of classics, so it’s not a bad deal. And for those who might be interested in submitting a manuscript for publication, we are passing along the following announcement they sent us:

Open Season for Unsolicited Manuscripts

Wiseblood Books, a recently-launched editing and publishing line, is soliciting novels, novellas, and short story collections for its inaugural line of contemporary fiction. To submit a query, visit http://www.wisebloodbooks.com/publishing.html and follow the instructions.

Wiseblood Drive: Secure the Pulse of Cultural Renewal

In order to fully animate our brand new editing and publishing line, Wiseblood Books is holding its first Wiseblood Drive. Donations will helps us to advertise publications, solicit introductions and critical essays from established authors, improve our software, maintain our website, and support our staff.

We are grateful for even the most modest donation; no amount is too small.

Those who donate $33.00 or more will receive a Wiseblood Classic of their choice. Visit our Book Catalogue to view recently released Wiseblood Classics, a line of books that preserves the enduring epiphanies of now-dead custodians of the beautiful-truthful. Through this series we give new form to great works of literature at a price you can afford.

Those who donate $333.00 or more will receive an entire Wiseblood Classic Library, complete with every book we’ve published to date. Donors on this tier may also request a Classic they would like to see us print.

To donate, go to our homepage: www.wisebloodbooks.com