Candlemas 2013

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A Novel Vocation: A Conversation With Ron Hansen Joseph O’Brien


Dragon Kaye Park Hinckley
A Paterian Imaginary Portrait of Robert Southwell, English Martyr and Poet: Selections from the Journal of Father John Deckers, SJ Nicole Coonradt


The Bell-ringer Soojin A. Kim
The Splendor of Form James Matthew Wilson


Kayaking Daniel Patrick Sheehan
Wings Anthony Zick
Hannah in the Waiting Room Annabelle Moseley
Mirror Sonnet: How to Rise From the Dead Annabelle Moseley
How to Go Like Lazarus Annabelle Moseley
The Sacrifice Annabelle Moseley
Mirror Sonnet: Forest with One Tree Annabelle Moseley
Cambridge, January 2001 Sally Thomas
Thomas Sara Simboli
The Perfection Paul Hostovsky
Conversations with My Son Paul Hostovsky
Grace Paul Hostovsky
That Light Paul Hostovsky

Visual Art

Barn Collapsing Lyle Novinski
Public Life Lyle Novinski
Pentecost Lyle Novinski
Incarnation Lyle Novinski
After Rain Lyle Novinski

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