Mary, Queen of Angels 2012

Mary Queen of Angels 2012 CoverFeature

In The Wine Press Chapter III: Résistance Joshua Hren


Honey Sheila Sennett
Decoherence Michael Bradburn-Ruster


Welsh Starlight Meredith Wise
The Blessed Mutter of the Muse Bruce Guernsey
A Woman Down James Vescovi


The Marionette in Church: A Sonnet Crown Annabelle Moseley
The Marionette Considers the Jester Doll Annabelle Moseley
Pinocchio Annabelle Moseley
Missa San Joaquin Don Thompson
Day’s End Anthony Zick
8 P.M. in the Hospice Dayroom April Selley
To the Child Who Asks Sally Thomas
Stillbirth Sally Thomas
Lamplight Sally Thomas
Widowhood Sally Thomas
Intensive Care Sally Thomas
Lessons Beyond the Death Camps James M. Wilson

Visual Art

Blessed Beatrice of Nazareth Gwyneth Holston
Dante Kathryn Cárdenas
Citrus Flavors Kathryn Cárdenas
Onions and Kettle Kathryn Cárdenas
St. Jerome Kathryn Cárdenas
St. Isabel Gwyneth Holston
The Ecstasy of St. Theresa Kathryn Cárdenas


  1. says

    About a couple of weeks ago I sent my poem: The Children of August to Dappled Things. I was wondering how your assessment of my work is going? Could you possibly lett me know a little something?

    Peace and All Good Things!!!

    Will Moore OFS