Our Future Is in Your Hands

Dear Friends,

We are sorry to report that the response to our fundraising appeal sent a few days ago has been dismal. A few donations came in during the first hours after the e-mail went out, but the trickle has quickly dried up. We are still far away from our fundraising goal. At this point in the magazine’s life, there is no wiggle room for having a campaign that does not meet its goal. If the campaign is unsuccessful, the magazine cannot make it through the coming year, which we think would be a serious blow the cause of creating a vibrant Catholic culture. Great art that glorifies God and ennobles the human person does not easily happen in a vacuum, the random product of some lone genius, but rather requires a cultural context in which it can develop and flourish. That’s what we help create. Please donate today by clicking here. Don’t think that someone else will do it instead; that hasn’t happened. And please know that any amount is welcome.

All the growth and successes we have had this year, triumphs for the cause of achieving a revitalized culture, in no way imply that we are less vulnerable to financial constraints. If anything, they mean the opposite, since growing the magazine means that it becomes more complicated and costly to manage subscriptions, submissions, and distribute the journal. We are at the end of an explosively successful year in terms of growing our readership (our most successful yet, in fact). Is this the time to call it quits? If you don’t think so, please help us keep going. Donate today.

Had Trouble Donating?

During the first 30 minutes since our first e-mail was sent out, there was a glitch in our website that may have kept some people from being able to use PayPal. Please note that the problem has been fixed and if you click on the PayPal “donate” button, you should now be taken to the correct page where everything should be self-explanatory. However, if you are not comfortable donating online, please send a check by regular mail, payable to Dappled Things Magazine, Inc., to 600 Giltin Drive, Arlington, TX 76006.