Why We Need Your Help (Yes, YOU!)

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

Dear Readers,

How many billions, with a “b,” were spent during the last election? Whether your candidates won or lost, please consider the following question: now that the great electoral effort is over, are we any closer to a society in which the center of our common life is the truth that we are beings created in the image of God? If your answer to that question is in the negative, then we want you to consider supporting Dappled Things, a journal dedicated to transforming our culture. We believe that when a culture is not dehumanizing, but ennobling, electoral politics will take care of themselves.

There are, of course, many worthy ventures seeking your assistance at this time of the year, so let us lay out a few very clear reasons why we are worthy of your support:

  1. There is simply no replacement for Dappled Things. We are the only Catholic journal in print today that is singularly devoted to literature and the arts. If you believe, like we do, that culture is the heart of our common life, then please consider that religion and the arts are the heart of culture. That’s where we come in.
  2. Dappled Things is experiencing explosive growth. This year, we almost doubled our number of paid subscribers, while our number of Facebook followers nearly tripled to 1,184 (and counting). We are also receiving more and better submissions each month. While these developments are exciting, they also increase our costs beyond our current level of resources.
  3. That said, Dappled Things is an extremely lean organization. Since we are run exclusively by volunteers, we are able to spend almost all of our funds on printing and distributing a journal that can rival in quality any of the most established literary journals out there.
  4. We really do need your help. We can only reach out to a relatively small pool of donors, and we only make this one appeal per year. If it is not successful, we will simply not have the funds to make it all the way to next December. While we have now been able to start requesting foundation grants for special projects to further our mission, these grants can’t be applied to our regular expenses. Without your donation, we cannot operate. It’s that simple.

Every donation, of any size, makes a significant difference to us. However, for the appeal to be successful, we need a group of donors giving at a higher level. Are you in a position to give $250, $500, or even $750? These donations are crucial to us. Donors at this level make up our St. Francis de Sales Society, whose members are thanked in perpetuity in the print edition of the journal, and receive a signed, limited edition print of a piece of visual art published in Dappled Things. Please consider what donation level is right for you, and give as you are able.

Thank you in advance for your support. With your help we will be able to continue this valuable work.

Wishing you a blessed Christmas season and New Year,

Bernardo Aparicio García

President, Dappled Things

Prefer to donate by regular mail? Send your check, payable to Dappled Things Magazine, Inc., to: 600 Giltin Drive, Arlington, TX 76006.

“[Dappled Things] serves as one of the greatest outlets of Beauty — true Beauty mind you, which is ever distinct from prettiness — that I’ve ever known. Each issue contains a royal flush in the Catholic gamble with the modern world, in its poetry, short stories, essays, criticism, and artwork. Each issue awakens the soul to meet its Maker.” -Mark Barnes, Bad Catholic