“Minor Revisions” – A Different Kind of Reality Show

Jennifer FulwilerJennifer Fulwiler, the popular blogger at Conversion Diary and the National Catholic Register, has ventured into the world of reality television. But don’t let the “reality television” part scare you off. Minor Revisions, a three-part miniseries, promises to be a delight.

The show ties into Jennifer’s personal conversion story from atheism to Catholicism, and includes glimpses into family life at the Fulwiler home – if you’re already a fan of Jennifer’s writing, you know that includes such things as scorpion attacks and the ups and downs of having five young children. But the show also incorporates thoughtful conversations between Fulwiler and various other Catholic figures – a pro-life obstetrician, a recovering heroin addict healed through the power of prayer, a philosophy professor engaged in apologetics, former Planned Parenthood executive Abby Johnson, and Jennifer’s husband, Joe. The exchanges between Jennifer and her own father, who share a love of astronomy and explore their differing perspectives on faith, were particularly moving. You can read more about the series in Jennifer’s entertaining “urgent apology about the content of Minor Revisions.”

I would highly encourage you to make time tomorrow night (Thursday, December 13) to watch the first of the three episodes. Here’s the trailer:

The show will air on December 13December 20, and January 10, all at 8 PM EST (7 PM CST). You can watch it online live at http://netny.net/watch-now/. It will also air on the NET network in the NYC area (TimeWarner Ch 97 & Cablevision Ch 30), and it will be available as an on-demand show for Verizon FiOS subscribers. Though there may be reruns, it won’t be archived online, so be sure to catch it live! More info here: http://netny.net/minorrevisions/

– DS