Happy 500th Birthday, Sistine Chapel!

With a celebration of Vespers in the Sistine Chapel, Pope Benedict marked the first five hundred years of this magnificent example of faith and art coming together seamlessly. The Sistine Chapel gives the lie to the secularist fallacy that by worshiping God, man is somehow diminished, when quite the opposite is the case: he is ennobled.

News.va reports:

Calling the Sistine Chapel a “liturgical classroom”, Pope Benedict said he was marking the anniversary of this “historical and artistic event” with a liturgical celebration because “the works of art which decorate it, especially the frescos, find in the liturgy . . . their living environment. It is the context in which is expressed their beauty, their richness, and the significance of their meaning.”

Chesterton, as is often the case, put it best: “We become taller when we bow.”