The Institute for Catholic Culture

Our good friend and past contributor, David Clayton, has another terrific essay up at his blog, The Way of Beauty. Today he’s discussing The Institute of Catholic Culture, an organization in Virginia dedicated to catechesis through “offering education programs structured upon the classical liberal arts and by offering opportunities in which authentic Catholic culture is experienced and lived.”

We also have to ask ourselves, in my opinion, why educate? Who are we trying to reach? I personally do not think that any programme, or any number of programmes will educate society into transformation. Most people won’t be educated, or not without some other agent of transformation. I believe that we are trying to reach those who will be the creators of the new culture. Thinking now of the fine arts, those who create art and music are the ones who will create the forms that participate in the timeless principles that unite all Catholic culture; yet also speaks directly to the modern age. We looking for something that is both new and timeless. This is the popular culture that is beautiful, true and good and will create the ‘new epiphany of beauty’ called for by John Paul II. This is what will in turn open people’s hearts so that they will accept the Word.

The organization can provide a model for other communities who wish to put on similar programs of education for parishes in their area. Read David’s entire post here and explore the Institute on Catholic Culture’s website, which includes a library of resources and audio recordings of lectures on Catholic culture.