Interview with Joseph Pearce

Nicole Stallworth of Saints in Progress just conducted a wide-ranging interview with Catholic author Joseph Pearce on a variety of topics – his work with the St. Austin Review, his research on Tolkien, and a relatively new offering he describes as “a Catholic equivalent of The Teaching Company.”

The series is very exciting. It’s meant to be a Catholic equivalent of the Teaching Company, offering courses on DVD, CD or in downloadable format in the areas of theology, philosophy, literature, history and the lives of the saints. We’ve managed to attract some of the finest Catholic lecturers to present the courses and I’ve had the pleasure of teaching four courses myself. The first two, filmed last year when the Catholic Courses were first launched, were on “Shakespeare’s Catholicism” and “The Hidden Meaning of The Lord of the Rings”; the most recent two, which I filmed only a few weeks ago, are on The Hobbit and on “The Thought of G.K. Chesterton”.

Read the full interview with Joseph Pearce, which is part of Brandon Vogt’s Support a Catholic Speaker Month intitative.