New Editor in Chief

Readers and friends: As I step down from my post to give my full attention to my family, it delights me to welcome Meredith Wise as the new editor in chief of Dappled Things. A graduate of Christendom College and the University of Kentucky, she has been part of the Dappled Things editorial staff since 2008. I am confident that the magazine will continue to flourish in her capable hands.

Within the past five years, this editorial staff has transformed Dappled Things together. No longer an online-only start-up venture run by fresh-from-college kids, it is now the premier, indeed the only, English-language literary quarterly in print that is intended specifically for writers in the Catholic tradition. It is a great privilege to have been a part of this transformation.

Editing shares some traits with mothering: sleeplorn nights, intense attention, and passionate interest in minutiae of detail that may seem irrelevant to less involved minds. But they are not irrelevant. When one gives them the care they merit, their necessity becomes obvious. Meredith is ready and able to give Dappled Things the care it merits. Right now, my care is needed elsewhere.

This is not goodbye, though. I look forward to returning to my previous role as an associate editor and continuing to work with all of you under Meredith’s leadership.

Katy Carl


  1. says

    Katy, once again thank you for everything you have done (and will continue doing) for DT! Meredith, all the best for your new position!

  2. Dena says

    I’m sure Meredith Wise will do a great job as your new editor-in-chief, but she does have a hard act to follow.

  3. says


    Congratulations (if that’s the correct word) for your new position. I look forward to seeing what comes next, as always, with Dappled Things!